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Mining motors

Motors for mining applications

MENZEL manufactures long-life mining motors, robust and strong in performance. They can perfectly manage harsh conditions found in the mining and the mineral industry such as dusty environments and high starting torques.

Our customers use these high-performance motors for the extraction and processing of ore, coal, gold, precious metals and minerals. MENZEL mining motors for example drive mills, crushers, pit fans, slurry and dewatering pumps, conveyors, cranes, and other hoisting machines to be found in the mining industry.

Electric motors made for harsh environments and challenging operating conditions

High demands are placed on mining motors due to the specific harsh operating conditions above and below ground. Our electric motors offer optimal conditions for industrial applications with high temperature fluctuations, high levels of dust, high humidity, shock loading and vibration.

The advantages of our mining motors at a glance

  • Long service life, low maintenance
  • Mechanical strength even under extreme conditions
  • High capability when available dimensions are restricted and light weight
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption 
  • Optimized cooling system

Need a mining motor? This is what we offer!

MENZEL develops its customized electric motors for the mining sector and other industries based on decades of experience and profound engineering knowledge. Our family-run company from Germany has been manufacturing electric motors and selling them all around the globe for almost 100 years. We supply asynchronous motors up to 25 MW and 13.8 kV, either to customer specifications or in standard series - squirrel cage and slip ring motors, as well as DC motors.

Slip ring motors are normally found driving crushers and conveyors, while squirrel cage motors are also used to drive pumps, hoists, fans, and compressors. DC motors can still be used for replacement of existing motors for hoisting systems.

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Our AC and DC motors for the mining and the mineral industries

  • Three-phase, wound-rotor induction motors: up to 20000 HP (15000 kW) with rated voltage up to 13800 V
  • Three-phase squirrel cage induction motors: up to 33000 HP (25000 kW) with rated voltage up to 13800 V
  • DC motors: up to 3000 HP (2000 kW) with rated voltage up to 1000 V
  • Custom-tailored motor construction 
  • Various enclosure, cooling and protection types including certified IP67 motors

All of our AC and DC motors comply with the current standards EN60034 and IEC60034, VDE, DIN and ISO leaving our German plant with final testing. 

MENZEL can rebuild and replace existing motors of all types

A majority of the mining motors leaving our motor factory in Germany are special design motors. They are adapted to produce identical replicas of obsolete motors that are no longer produced by major manufacturers such as Siemens or ABB. MENZEL can rebuild and replace existing motors of all types and power ratings. Thanks to our unique, extensive motor inventory, which is one of the largest in Europe, we can also react very quickly in an emergency.

Our project engineers find the perfect solution for your challenge and support you in the correct dimensioning of your mining motor.Just let us know what you are looking for.

Heavy duty motor experience and expertise since 1927

The global mining industry recently generated more than 600 billion US dollars per year. Many mine operators and suppliers have relied on our experience for years. MENZEL has been manufacturing and supplying heavy duty motors since 1927.

Whether DC motors for a copper mine in Peru, a dimensionally and electrically interchangeable slip ring motor for a mine operator in Africa, or 6600 V squirrel cage motors to be installed inside mining pit fans - heavy duty applications, custom design, with fast reactivity are just our thing!

Here is just one of the many example projects

MENZEL recently designed and manufactured three powerful 6600 V squirrel cage motors (cooling type IC 411) in frame size 630 as integral components for pit fans assigned by a client from the mining industry. The customer specified cylindrical motor casings to be as compact as possible for its underground ventilation system. You can find more details about this case study here.


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