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Slip ring induction motors for heavy duty industrial applications

Slip ring induction motors from MENZEL are extremely efficient, reliable, and robust convince with their high mechanical load capacity

MENZEL slip ring motors are available in all current motor cooling and protection types for low-voltage from 75 kW as well as medium and high voltage up to 15,000 kW. They set technical standards in terms of size, performance, economy and reliability.

MENZEL asynchronous motors with slip ring rotors are used in various industries such as cement, paper, water or steel and are employed there as drives for mills, compressors, blowers, refiners, shredders, etc. Already since 1927, we are a manufacturer and supplier of industrial motors for the heaviest applications on the international market and supply industrial plants worldwide with our slip ring motors, whether for high, medium or low voltage.

We offer a wide range of products. In order to simplify the overview, we have sorted our slip ring motor series for you according to the standard cooling classes. If you are not able to find the motor you are looking for, please contact us directly. MENZEL specializes in customized slip ring motors, which we produce in smaller editions exactly according to your requirements.

You are looking for specific slip ring induction motors for industrial applications? Send us your specifications, we will make you an attractive offer.

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