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Electric motor test field

Electric motor testing service

MENZEL offers electric motor testing services in Berlin, Germany also for manufacturer-independent motor tests up to 13.8 kV.

Take a virtual tour through our load test field

Our electric motor test stand is one of the most up-to-date test facilities of its type. It can also be easily hired for external customers and motor brands.

It is located in Berlin and features extensive eletric motor testing services encompassing routine checks, type tests, and system checks - including for external customers and brands. Our equipment includes a 6 kV converter, rotary converters for all normal voltages from 3 to 13.8 kV, and load resistors for checking generators.

The main usage scenario is the check of three-phase asynchronous squirrel cage and slip ring motors by means of a load test and/or heating test. However, the motor testing service for synchronous machines or transformers, converters, and motor systems is also possible. In short: The technical possibilities of our load test facility enable the realization of any type of special requirement.

Take a virtual tour through our load test field:

Our electric motor test facilities

  • Test voltages: Up to 13800 V
  • Feed with frequencies up to 120 Hz
  • Electrical power: To 2300 kVA (Higher power outputs can be checked through bi-frequency procedure according to IEC60034-29)
  • Max. shaft power of 1800 kW for network and system checks in a speed range from 500 to 3600 rpm
  • Crane capacity: 16 t + 10 t
  • Hook height: 4.5 m/5.2 m above the test facility
  • Test surface (clamping field): 2 clamping plates of 9 x 3 m
  • Connections for oil supply
  • Direct truck access possible

We can perform temperature rise tests on water-cooled motors with up to 107 kW power loss and up to 15 m³/h water requirement.

Our electric motor testing service for you

  • Test of electric motors and generators
  • Test of asynchronous and synchronous machines
  • Test of horizontal and vertical machines
  • Test of transformer-converter-motor systems
  • Test of frequency converters

Electric motor load test stand to meet the highest demands

The MENZEL electric motor load test stand is the second test facility at our Berlin location. It was set up in our specially converted test hall in 2013. Here, a team of motor testing experts carries out tests up to 1800 kW under load and up to 10000 kW with no load - in accordance with the latest state of technology. In order to further expand our test service, there are two clamping fields that allow us a smooth test process. This way we can use the capacities of the test facility optimally to the benefit of our customers.

All measurements and motor tests are carried out and documented in an electric motor test report in accordance with the EN 60034 standards. However, our test facility engineers and technicians also have extensive experience and expertise with the test requirements of various inspection bodies at home and abroad. Our motor test stand also meets all technical prerequisites for validating internationally required quality standards and parameters.

See the function and performance of our electric motors for yourself! If you want, you can even be present during the check of your motors. For this purpose, an appropriately sound-protected and heated visitor cabin has been integrated into the MENZEL motor test facility. From here, you can witness all of the details of the test process.

Routine testing and type tests for all motor makes

As a group-independent medium-sized company, we carry out routine testing and type tests on all makes of three-phase machines for you - with the utmost care and quality. This means that our test facility is not only used for the routine testing of our company's own motors. Instead, it is available for you in the form of our test service offering, and you can hire it out!

Throughout Germany, only a few group-independent providers offer test services of this kind. The possibility of carrying out routine testing and type tests for all motor makes at our test facility - including electric motors that were not purchased from MENZEL - will make you more flexible in the future. Now, you are able to plan better, and no longer need to wait for ages for a test date. So don't delay - Arrange your motor tests with us today!

Our electric motor test stand measurement equipment

The new load test stand is fitted with the latest electronic and mechanical measurement technology and equipment.

Power instrument

  • Make: Yokogawa
  • Type: WT 1800
  • Maximum measurement voltage: 18 kV
  • Maximum measurement current: 1 kA

All measurements are possible for current and voltage in parallel in the three-phase systems at each stage.

Load resistors (optional)

  • Make: Gino
  • Type: LDV 1000-1000-5009-23
  • Nature: Air-cooled cast iron resistors that can be connected up in 1 kW steps from 0 to 1,000 kW
  • Three-phase current rated data: 1,000 kW at 800 V/3 phases; power decrease proportional to square of voltage decrease
  • Direct current: 500 kW at 700 V

Measuring flange 1

  • Make: Hottinger Baldwin
  • Rated torque: 5 kNm
  • Characteristic value tolerance: ± 0.1%
  • Maximum speed: 12,000 rpm

Measuring flange 2

  • Make: Hottinger Baldwin
  • Rated torque: 30 kNm
  • Characteristic value tolerance: ± 0.05 %
  • Maximum speed: 4,000 rpm

High voltage test device

  • Up to 25 kV

Bi-frequency tests

  • Accroding to IEC60034-29
  • For temperature rise tests up to 5 MW

Process flow - routine, type, and system testing