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IP67 motors – watertight

MENZEL watertight IP67 motors have proven to be a reliable drive solution in industrial plants and pump stations around the world.

We offer watertight IP67 squirrel cage motors according to IEC 34 and VDE 0530 standard with up to 2000kW and 6600V. Our TÜV tested IP67 motor series features watertight, enclosed cast iron motor housings and terminal boxes.

Long recesses, low tolerances and the precise installation of absolutely perfect components enables the IP67 motors to be flooded at a standstill, without water entering into them. When the water subsides, they can be restarted straight away.

Third Party attestation by TÜV Süd – the German certifying authority

Our IP67 motor offering

  • Three-phase asynchronous motors with squirrel cage rotor
  • Standard: IEC 34 and VDE 0530 standard
  • Power range: from 37 kW to 2000 kW
  • Voltage: from 380 V to 6600 V
  • Common construction types: IM B3, IM B5, IM V1, IM B35
  • Available dimensions: up to frame size 500
  • Motor housing: Gray cast iron
  • Thermal utilization: F/B
  • Cooling type: IC 411
  • Pole count: 2-16 poles 

All electric motors produced by MENZEL are subject to routine acceptance tests in our on-site test field in Berlin.

IP 67 motor application

IP 67 motors are typically used in industrial areas where there are extreme operating conditions which are influenced by dust, fiber, dirt and water. 

  • Pump drive 
  • Drives in beverage and filling plants 
  • Top deck installation on ships 
  • Port and harbor facilities 
  • Wastewater treatment plants 
  • Cooling systems

MENZEL watertight motors are typically used in water pump stations (such as this IP67 high voltage motors for Egypt), cooling towers, or other industrial facilities – in particular those in which hazardous quantities of water are processed, which could easily lead to damage to the motor. 

MENZEL IP67 motors advantages

Icon circulation

Reliable operation under extreme conditions

Icon lock

Watertight and therefore suitable for use in areas prone to flooding

Icon caliper

Dust and dirt resistant due to optimal dimensional accuracy

Icon gear-wheels

Robust and powerful, just like all MENZEL electric motors

icon delivery time

Quickly available and individually adaptable

The right protection for your motor – Characteristics

For users, it is difficult to decide on the right degree of protection for a particular industrial application. As manufacturers of electric motors for industrial applications, we specialize in providing advice on this, and offering the optimum drive solution for your requirements.

The protection class of the motor must always correspond to the actual on-site requirements, as opposed to the typical production standards of the manufacturer. The calculation and design of our MENZEL motors take into account all the environmental conditions at the site of installation. A thorough, careful assessment of these environmental conditions ultimately has a significant impact on how many years your motors will run smoothly and meet your production requirements.

The most common motor protection class for industrial motors is IP55. Motors in this protection class are fully protected against contact with, and damage caused by, dust deposits, as well as splash water from all sides.

Because as specialists in special drive solutions we are frequently confronted with challenging specifications, we also offer motors with protection classes which go beyond the industrial standard (IP55). MENZEL three-phase low, medium and high voltage motors are also available, for example, in the following increased motor protection classes.

Are you looking for high quality IP67 motors for your industrial application? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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