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Rotating frequency converters or machine units

MENZEL produces tailor-made rotating motor-generator machine units for your test area.

The motors or generators of MENZEL rotating converter units consist of asynchronous or synchronous machines, or a combination of both. Unlike transformers, rotating converters can convert voltage and frequency (50/50 Hz, 50/60 Hz or 60/60 Hz) by combining machines with different pole counts.

Electric motors and generators are not magnetic, and are only coupled mechanically. This means that there is no direct electrical network connection in rotating converters. Instead, the energy is transmitted from the electric motor to the generator as mechanical energy, by means of a rotating shaft. The frequency converter enables supply isolation and effective filtration.

Power and voltage ranges of our rotating converter units

  • Power: up to approx. 5 MVA
  • Voltage: up to 11,000 V
  • Rotation speed: up to 3,600 min-1
  • Protection classes: IP20 to IP55
  • Coolant: Air or water

Rotating frequency converter – advantages

MENZEL rotating converter units are used for network disconnection. A particular advantage is the (almost) perfect sinusoidal shape of the voltage and current. This enables, for example, reference measurements on frequency-controlled motors and transformers without the additional losses that result from the harmonic waves of electronic frequency converters.

Voltage and frequency can be adjusted independently of one another across the entire operating range. Other advantages of rotating converters are the substantial overload capacity and short-circuit resistance, which are important for the test area.

Rotating converter units according to the customer’s requirements

Our rotating converter units are designed and manufactured especially for use in your test area. Our experience team of engineers, machine builders, lathe operators and welders realize all customer requirements. Fast and reliable.

MENZEL rotating converter units can be mounted to a base frame or assembled separately, according to the customer’s wishes.

MENZEL offers suitable rotating convertor units for your test area. Contact us for a personal quote!

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