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MENZEL Elektromotoren

MENZEL Elektromotoren offers robust, practical, high-quality, durable electric motors for industrial plants of all kinds - fast, flexible, and reliable

MENZEL Elektromotoren GmbH is an independent, medium-sized, internationally active company specializing in motor technology. We look back with pride at over 90 years of experience in production and delivery of custom electric drive solutions for industrial applications. With our range of services, we are several steps ahead of the competition with regard to speed, service, and engineering. 

MENZEL Elektromotoren delivery program and production emphasis

Electric motors of all types and sizes are part of MENZEL's comprehensive delivery program - from a low voltage standard motor to an individually planned high-voltage motor with output up to 20000 kW. The production range covers squirrel cage motors, slip ring motors, direct current motors, and special drives with various cooling and protection types as well as voltage ratings up to 13.8kV.

In addition to delivery of our standard series, we also produce electric motors in custom designs of all conceivable kinds in accordance with the requirements of our clients. MENZEL's production emphasis is on the production of individual units, regardless of whether for special applications or as a back-up or replacement, both mechanically and electrically replaceable for present motors.

Another major focal point is the fast delivery of large electrical machines - including special designs. Our extensive stock service, flexible provision outside normal business hours, short production times, and modern processing and testing facilities allow us to react in a uniquely fast manner. We have unparalleled stock of brand-new, larger electric motors with nominal power up to 15 MW available for you.

Company history and milestones

MENZEL Elektromotoren began writing history in 1927 and is now managed by the third generation as a family business with its headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

Our mission: competent, flexible, and reliable

"Competent" means that we put great emphasis on thorough and personal advice before, during, and after purchasing an electric motor from us. "Flexible" means that we maintain flat hierarchies and are therefore able to react particularly quickly to customer requirements in all project phases. "Reliable" means that we ensure the highest levels of product quality and provide durable drive solutions.

Our promise to our business partners is the continued development of our skills and services, which are always focused on the challenges our clients face as well as the requirements of international markets. Our entrepreneurial independence gives us the necessary flexibility. As a medium-sized company with a long family tradition, we are also aware of our social responsibility. We always work proactively, whether this is in technological, economic, and ecological terms. We use our knowledge and our experiences to become better every day.

We want to be seen as a technically competent, flexible, and reliable partner by our clients at all times!

Our vision: stable customer relations that are like partnerships

For us, quality is complete fulfillment of customer expectations

We aim for a stable partnership with all our clients, and aim to be a competent, flexible problem solver at your side in all project phases and beyond. Direct, personal contact plays an important role in this case. At MENZEL you directly speak with a project engineer who professionally supports your order from beginning to end and beyond whilst providing personal advice.

We intend to find and implement the only optimal drive solution for each and every one of our clients. To do so, we invest all our experience, creativity, and know-how. This is what makes us an internationally recognized specialist in electric motors for individual drive solutions. In the future we will continue to use our capacity for innovation to optimize production steps further, as well as to continue to pass on our knowledge for custom-made designs to all our departments.

MENZEL Elektromotoren - the experienced partner at your side

Our passion is our day-to-day business. We build on autonomous and results-oriented work as well as on the commitment of all our employees. This is how we have won the trust of innumerable clients over many decades. We can support you quickly, flexibly, and actively with an international team of highly-trained specialists and experienced engineers. Our large client base and high proportion of exports are representative of international recognition of our services. 

The decision regarding an electric motor manufacturer should not solely be based on cost. When making investment decisions, also consider the durability of the motor as well as the quick, direct, and comprehensive service offered by your partner. MENZEL can offer all this. We have implemented many electric motor projects over the decades we have been active in the market and have therefore gained a great deal of experience. This is why we are best prepared for every new challenge.

We are optimally positioned due to our locations in Germany and Europe as well as our partners worldwide.

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