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Compressor Motors up to 13800 V and 20000 kW

MENZEL motors to drive compressors are available up to an output of 20000 kW and operating voltages of 13800 V. Our products offer optimum performance, maximum reliability and a particularly high level of efficiency. The motor range includes a variety of sizes and motor cooling types. We can also implement order-specific adjustments quickly and flexibly at any time.

Performance data of Menzel compressor duty drives

  • Operating voltages: from 400 V to 13800 V
  • Power range from 200 kW to 20000 kW (20 MW)
  • Cooling types: IC81W, IC86, IC411, IC416, IC01, IC611, IC616
  • Number of poles: 02 to 12 poles
  • Degrees of protection: IP23, IP55, IP56

Customized adaptations

As a motor manufacturer, we specialize in the production of customer-specific drive solutions and special motor designs for all kinds of industrial applications. For more than 90 years, plant operators around the world have valued the fast and direct support they receive from our electric motor engineers.

We implement compressor drives e.g. with customer-specific special housings with adapted dimensions of the support foot and identical terminal box position. The flange and shaft are also designed according to your specifications. Upon request motors can be fitted with oil pipework.

Compressor motors for replacement of existing motors are designed to match the electrical and mechanical interfaces of the existing motor to ensure a speedy installation with minimal site disruption saving down time. On request, we can also rebuild an old Siemens or ABB compressor motor or any other OEM motors that are obsolete or no longer available on the market.

All of our electric motors comply with the current standards EN60034, IEC60034, VDE, DIN and ISO. High-quality technical production and processing systems as well as a qualified management with highly trained, experienced engineers and skilled workers guarantee you fulfillment to the highest engineering standards.

Short term delivery

MENZEL has specialized in the individual production and fast response, short-term delivery of larger electric motors and special designs. In order to guarantee fast delivery we maintain an extensive inventory of pre-engineered, large electric motors.

We also keep a large number of prefabricated components, such as Heat exchangers in stock at our motor plant in Berlin, Germany. Thus we are able to build or adapt, large industrial motors to customers' exact specifications at short notice.

Powerful motors for compressors

Powerful compressors require powerful motors, which is why MENZEL compressor motors are designed to be extremely powerful and reliable, guaranteeing a smooth start-up and excellent torque characteristics. Most of the compressor motors we supply to industrial plants drive centrifugal or screw compressors, whilst a smaller number are used to drive reciprocating compressors.

Compressors play an important role in various industrial and petro-chem sectors: in the production of industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen or noble gases, for gas compression in refinery processes, to support oil production, for cooling chillers or to provide air for compressed air tools.

Asynchronous motors to drive compressors

Ninety percent of compressors in the industrial sector are driven by asynchronous motors. Why? One of the main advantages of asynchronous motors is their robustness and serviceability. They can usually be maintained and repaired relatively easily. Three-phase asynchronous motors can easily be operated directly on the mains. In addition, the efficiency of asynchronous motors has been continuously optimized in recent years.

We support you in the correct dimensioning of your compressor drive!

MENZEL specializes in the production of bespoke, individual drive solutions and can flexibly implement diverse and special designs at its Berlin motor plant at any time.

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