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3000 VSlip ring (IC 81W)Motor for compressors

3000V motor for reciprocating compressor

A 3000V motor for reciprocating compressor was just recently delivered to an industrial gas production facility in South Europe. Menzel has supplied a specifically configured modular medium voltage motor for this application.

The customer is one of the leading Italian chemical companies producing a full range of industrial gases. The new slip ring motor from our MEBSSW range will be operating in a dusty atmosphere and at very high ambient temperatures.

In addition to implementing IP55 ingress protection and cooling type IC 81W (air-to-water heat exchanger), Menzel mounted two oil coolers directly on the compressor motor housing for re-cooling of the sleeve bearings oil supply.

Compressor motor for replacement

The new 600-kW compressor motor is intended to replace an air-cooled motor featuring a lower protection class, IP23. Due to the new totally enclosed air circuit (CACW), there will be no more problems with small particle dust or dirt inside the motor. This ensures higher operational availability at ambient temperatures well over 40 °C.

The MENZEL replacement motor has an operating voltage of 3000 V and a rated speed of 491 rpm. It offers superior reliability, higher efficiency, low noise emissions along with lower operating and maintenance costs at a compact frame size and low weight.

Motors to match the electrical and mechanical interfaces

Menzel has also configured this reciprocating compressor motor to match the electrical and mechanical interfaces of the existing motor to ensuring a speedy installation without modifications on site.

Special solutions or 100% interchangeable replicas e.g. of no longer available Siemens, ABB, BRUSH or other brand motors in the industrial power range up to 25 MW are our specialty! For example, features in our designs easily facilitate foot and dimension adjustments for the exchange of old motors, the delivery of motor center height adapters and base frames along with terminal box modifications are part of our scope of delivery and collaborative service.

Performance data of the reciprocating compressor drive

  • Motor type: MEBSSW560-12 slip ring motor
  • Standard: IEC / EN60034-1
  • Rated Power: 600 kW
  • Voltage:3000 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Poles: 12
  • Rated Speed: 491 min-1
  • Mounting: IM B3
  • Protection: IP 55
  • Cooling: IC 86W
  • Weight: 8150 kg

Reciprocating compressors with large induction motors

Reciprocating compressors are widely used with large induction motors. When an induction motor is driving a reciprocating compressor, the correct evaluation of the torque pulsation becomes extremely important. Ask someone who knows about it. Our electric motor engineers will gladly help you find the right motor for your industrial compressor application!

Menzel manufactures medium to high voltage asynchronous motors up to 13800 V (13.8 kV) with squirrel-cage rotors up to 25000 kW (25 MW) as well as slip ring rotors up to 8000 kW (8 MW). Various electrical and mechanical designs as well as all types of protection and cooling are possible. Our motors are designed for mains or inverter operation and comply with the current standards EN60034 and IEC60034, VDE, DIN and ISO.

Motor for reciprocating compressor
Motor for reciprocating compressor with oil coolers
Air-to-water heat exchanger for compressor motor
3000V reciprocating compressor motor with IC81W cooling