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Replicas of crane motors

Replicas and replacements of electric motors

MENZEL Elektromotoren can replicate existing drives of all motor types and power classes identically - from a 100 kW crane motor to a mill drive in the megawatt range.

The replication of electric motors that are no longer available today is one of the tailored drive solutions of MENZEL Elektromotoren. Frequently, a certain electric motor is produced for a specific application. If this motor needs to be replaced, a practically identical motor is required. We can precisely replicate your electric motor so that the new motor is 100% suited to your plant. 

If you are looking for no more available three-phase asynchronous motors from manufacturers such as Siemens or ABB, we can replicate them at our modern and extensively equipped Berlin location.

Our engineering department is ideally prepared for the task of replacing existing motors with new replicas. The replication of an electric motor by MENZEL avoids high on-site conversion costs and long downtimes. In addition, there is no need to make changes to your production plants, which avoids the frequently significant consequences of such modifications.

Naturally, our replicas comply with all valid standards and regulations.

Power range for individual replicas of industrial motors

MENZEL offers a range of possibilities for custom replicas of industrial motors in the low-voltage, medium-voltage, high-voltage, and direct current ranges. We can individually replace practically any electric motor with a replica. A precise analysis of the situation and of your actual requirements enable us to select the best and most cost-effective variant for you. 

  • Three-phase asynchronous squirrel cage motors from 75 kW to 25000 kW
  • Three-phase asynchronous slip ring motors from 75 kW to 15000 kW
  • Direct current motors from 20 kW to 2000 kW
  • Various mountings
  • All protection classes and cooling methods
  • For grid and converter operation

Most squirrel cage and slip-ring motors that leave our plant in Germany are special adaptation specimens – for example motors that are no longer being produced by large companies such as Siemens, or ABB. Typically, these are motors that are electrically and mechanically identical to older models. 

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A replica of an electric motor saves time and money

The reproduction of an electric motor is nowhere near as expensive as often feared. Thanks to our experience in the reproduction of electric motors, we can use a range of standard components which are then modified in line with the customer's requirements. This saves you money and makes the cost of a replica more affordable.

As a rule, replica electric motors can be placed onto the old foundation and directly connected up without requiring any changes to your plant. This removes the need for costly changes during the assembly and commissioning phases, which saves further time and money.

The advantages of electric motor replicas

Thanks to the identical design of our electric motor replicas, on-site replacement is possible without mechanical work and without changing the control electronics. In detail, the advantages of replicas are as follows:

  • There is no (or very little) influence on the electronic control or monitoring of the plant.
  • Unforeseeable risks involved in the use of new electric motors with other parameters are avoided.
  • We can provide loss-optimized replicas with increased efficiency in order to improve the performance of industrial plants.
  • No modifications (or only very slight modifications) to your production plants or foundation are required at your site.
  • This keeps setup times to a minimum.
  • They are ideal for reserve machines, since in the case of a failure, easy replacement can be carried out, particularly if several identical electric motors run in the plant that can all be replaced by a tailored replica.