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Manufacturer of large electric motors

As a manufacturer of large electric motors, we place our customers and their individual requirements at the heart of the focus of our engineering work.

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MENZEL has manufactured electric motors since 1927 and has its headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Many industrial plant operators worldwide from the cement, paper, steel, or other industries trust the proven quality of MENZEL electric motors. Our product portfolio includes squirrel cage and slip ring motors as well as DC motors

MENZEL represents high-quality motor manufacturing, reliability, flexibility, and speed. From personal advice regarding planning, development, design, and production, with us you receive everything from a single source: Standard motors for industrial applications, identical and replaceable replicas, custom-built designs, mechanical and electrical adjustments, special designs for special drive operations and more.

Motors for the most demanding quality requirements

As a manufacturer of electric motors, we fulfill your tailored requirements quickly and reliably. You can rely on proven MENZEL quality at any time. High-quality technical production and processing plants, as well as handling by qualified, experienced engineers and specialists ensure that the highest standards are fulfilled. In order to maintain quality standards, we have introduced a quality management system.

It is self-explanatory that our products correspond to international standards and the requirements of state-of-the-art technologies. This is how we can ensure worldwide use and the durability of our electric motors.

MENZEL electric motors plant and production

Our motor plants in Berlin and Peine are optimally equipped for producing customized electric motors, or for the short-term, tailored modification or replication of large electric machines. With a continuous increase in sales, and expansion of sales internationally, various investments have been made in motor production during the last few years.

State-of-the-art technological equipment make it possible for us to provide you with all individual drive solutions for all individual cases. Furthermore, several production halls are available for individual manufacture and modification of our electric motors. In addition, we have several warehousing locations in Germany with an area of over 40,000m².

Mechanical motor manufacturing

  • Lathes up to 10 t/ Distance between centers of 6 m
  • Impregnation plant and drying kilns up to an shaft height of 800 mm
  • In-house welding shop for flexible production of special components and custom-made welded designs
  • Paint cabin with a crane capacity of 16t per component and an inner volume of 120 m³
  • VPI impregnation plant
  • Experienced specialists who truly understand their craft

Electrical motor manufacturing

Our electric motors are generally produced as individual units. It requires considerable manual work, skill, and years of experience to be able to provide such a wide range of electrical modification options. This is how we guarantee the high quality, reliability, and durability of our electric motors.

  • Dynamic balancing machines up to 6 t
  • Test area of up to 2,300 kVA at full load, up to 10,000 kW in no-load operation
  • Torque measurement up to 30,000 Nm

Motor assembly and testing

No completed electric motor leaves the motor plant without a final test. For this purpose, MENZEL operates a state-of-the-art test area at the Berlin site with an output of 2,300 kVA. This enables tests of up to 1,800 kW under load and up to 10,000 kW in no-load operation.

The test area is equipped with state-of-the-art electrical and mechanical measurement technology such as 6 kV inverters, rotating converters for all other voltages from 3 to 13.8 kV and load resistors for testing electricity generators. Waiting times were reduced by installing two clamping fields, both being 9x3 m in size. In addition, a crane with a capacity of 16 t (hook height 4.5 m above the clamping field) and a 10 t crane (hook height 5.2 m) are both available, and these can be coupled if required. Heavier weights or other lifting heights are also possible upon request.

Paintwork and logistics

In addition, MENZEL has invested in a state-of-the-art paint cabin at the Berlin site in order to improve quality and productivity. This means we are able to fully satisfy the increasingly stringent demands of our customers with regard to corrosion protection, aesthetics, and special colors whilst also satisfying all international guidelines and environmental standards. The new plant also accelerates the curing process so that newly-painted electric motors can leave the paint cabin on the same day and therefore be delivered.

The new paint cabin is accommodated together with the MENZEL test area in an extra hall that can be easily accessed by trucks. The last work steps including motor testing, painting, and packaging the motor can all take place here in the very same building, which means considerable savings in both energy and production capacity, as well as enabling us to work even faster.

Personal advice – competent, solution-oriented, and nearby

Do your technical requirements demand maximum technical competence and in-depth advice with regard to the perfect drive solution? With MENZEL, you're in the right place! Individual, tailored advice is a primary focus of ours. This is how every project starts. We do not just see ourselves as a manufacturer of three-phase and direct current motors, but more as a solutions provider and consulting partner – quick and reliable.

Proximity to our customers is of particular importance to us. Your MENZEL contact person is a partner who supports your electric motor project competently, reliably, and personally. All our specialist departments work hand in hand and can therefore react flexibly and quickly to your special requirements.


Our service packages covers far more than just delivering the correct drive. We also offer a wide range of services including support, maintenance, commissioning, consultancy, and logistics. We follow a clear objective, which is to be available to our clients at all times.

Are you looking for a manufacturer of electric motors for industrial plants who can implement your individual drive requirements? Send us your inquiry today!

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