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Motors for hazardous areas

Menzel Elektromotoren manufactures custom electric motors for unique and extreme conditions, such as that required for a Senegalese cement plant having a hazardous area zone 22 or, that of an ATEX Zone 2 compressor motor required for an Oil and Gas company in Algeria. In the following, you can find a selection of hazardous area motors projects (protection type Ex tc and Ex ec formerly Ex nA) involving Menzel motors. All our motors for areas where gas and dust explosive may be prevalent, fulfil the current European ATEX guidelines

Case-by-case motor design for extreme conditions

One of our key areas of expertise is the case-by-case intelligent design and fast delivery of tailor-made motors for spare and replacement electric motors. We have the know-how to customize individual drive solutions according to customer specific needs, the application specifications, as well as motors that are operated in extreme conditions such as coal mills.

MENZEL offers you a wide selection of low, medium and high voltage hazardous areas motors. They are available not only with squirrel cage rotors, but also as special designs with slip ring rotors. 

  • Power range: from 55 kW to approx. 5000 kW
  • Voltage: up to 13.8 kV (for 50 and 60 Hz)
  • Common construction types: IM B3, IM B5, IM V1, IM B35
  • All standard sizes
  • Various protection classes and cooling types

As a medium-size-company we are flexible and far more likely than major company groups to offer exceptional customer focused services along with their customized products for that one off special. Benefits include thorough examination of customer requests and full support even years after the initial motor purchase, where the original product may now be obsolete, as well as around-the-clock availability.

Requirements for the design of hazardous area motors

MENZEL offers a wide range of increased safety motors for the latest classification, Zone 2 (Ex ec) and dust ignition proof motors for Zone 22 (Ex tc). For hazardous area motors, increased requirements are placed on the mechanical construction and internal air circuits, the dimensions of the electrical insulation system, as well as protection against inadmissible heating. MENZEL hazardous area motors boast a particularly robust and high-quality motor construction, whilst fulfiling the highest dimensional accuracy in order to guarantee an oil- and gas-tight fit.

We are often faced with such demanding requirements, therefore regularly offer motors with ingress protection beyond the industry standard IP55, that provide a reliable solution not just for use in the coal industry, but also for other extreme conditions such as in desert environments, or on deck of rigs or ships. To this end our electric motors are available with increased protection classes ranging from protection against powerful water jets (IP56), the ingress of dust (IP65) to a combination of both (IP66), as well as motors protected against occasional submersion in water (IP67).

Hazardous area motor applications

Hazardous area motors are typically used to start gas or steam turbines and drive compressors, boiler ID fans, ventilators, pumps, mixers and agitators. If operating conditions are harsh, less than optimal, Menzel experienced experts can appraise the situation and offer adapted solutions that will ensure a high-quality operation and long lifecycle reliability even in extreme environments.

Thanks to decades of experience and close cooperation with users from key industries and driven equipment OEMs, we can quickly and reliably identify efficient solutions such as the ones described in the above list of reference projects and suggest them to our customers.

Read about our Case Study in the magazine PuK Process Technology & Components 2020: High-voltage motor for compressor in oil extraction

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