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Compressor motors from stock

Being able to obtain a 16000 kW compressor motor from stock, MENZEL helped re-establish, the gas production in an air separation plant in Spain, where a process-critical motor had surprisingly failed.

In order to be able to resume production as quickly as possible the customer chose a brand new 16000 kW asynchronous motor that was in stock at MENZEL Berlin, Germany, as a replacement for their original synchronous motor. Usually, motors of this size and configuration are project specific long lead items, not available from main-stream OEM’s so quickly. It can often take several months for a motor of this size and complexity, to be manufactured or repaired.

Menzel specializes in the production and short-term delivery of larger pre-engineered, electric motors capable of being configured quickly for existing special designs. In order to guarantee quick delivery to the customer in any eventuality, we maintain an extensive inventory of three-phase asynchronous motors with either squirrel cage or wound rotor designs, as well as a large range of DC motors.

At our production plant in Berlin, we can quickly carry out a re-configuration of a stock motor, to suit the application-specific requirements of our customers to present an acceptable solution for minimum downtime.

Compressor motors up to 20000 kW

MENZEL supplies individual compressor motors from 315 to 20000 kW. These motors are available in a wide variety of sizes and cooling types. They offer optimum performance, maximum reliability, and a particularly high level of efficiency. Our water-cooled squirrel cage motors are especially powerful, compact and extremely quiet.

Compressor motors for industrial gas production facilities like in this case study represent just one part of the huge user group and installed fleet of MENZEL motors in the global industrial production sector. For more than 90 years, customers worldwide have appreciated the effectiveness and the speedily efficient support of MENZEL motor engineering.

Ready for shipment within only five days

This case 35-ton squirrel cage motor was made ready for shipment in only five days. It features an operating speed of 1481 min-1 and a nominal voltage of 10000V. Within shortest time, MENZEL's engineers had carried out extensive motor starting and grid calculations to ensure that the compressor would start up smoothly with the new replacement asynchronous motor. The on-site commissioning was accompanied by the project responsible engineer Martin Wagner.

Some mechanical interface dimensional adjustments were also necessary for the motor used in this air separation plant: Mr Wagner said, “For example we had to move the oil and water connections, which were initially on the left side of the motor, to the right side of the motor.”

Motor data of the compressor motor

  • Motor type: MEBKSW900-04 squirrel cage motor
  • Motor application: Industrial gas production 
  • Standard: IEC / EN60034-1
  • Rated Power: 16000 kW
  • Voltage:10000 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Poles: 4
  • Rated Speed: 1481 min-1
  • Mounting: IM B3
  • Protection: IP 55
  • Cooling: IC 81W
  • Weight: 35000 kg

Powerful compressor motors from MENZEL

Powerful compressors require powerful motors. Compressors play an important role in varying industrial sectors. They produce air to drive pneumatic tools, to produce industrial gases such as oxygen or nitrogen or to generate cold atmospheres for food storage. A failure of the electric motor would have fatal consequences for the manufacturing process and plant profitability.

Our compressor motors are powerful and reliable. They guarantee a smooth start and excellent torque control. Compressor motors run at very high speeds, with high performance. To minimize the resulting vibrations, the shaft preparation and balancing quality of these motors must be particularly high. At high power and speeds, the use of sleeve bearings also offers smoother motor operation.

High-quality technical production and processing systems as well as the skilled management by highly qualified, experienced engineers and skilled workers guarantee you fulfilment to the highest motor standards. All of our AC and DC motors comply with the current standards EN60034 and IEC60034, VDE, DIN and ISO.

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