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Photo report on the construction of our new electric motor plant in Hennigsdorf

Follow the individual milestones on the way to our new electric motor plant in Hennigsdorf in an exciting photo report.

Here we inform you regularly in pictures about the construction progress in Hennigsdorf. In the coming months our new MENZEL headquarters will be built: a modern electric motor plant. There we will construct and manufacture large three-phase motors as well as DC motors for industrial plants all over the world.

When complete, the new motor plant will have an effective floor space of 8,500 m². The production area will accommodate the assembly, metal processing, fabrication and winding workshops, paint shops and three state-of-the-art test fields. In addition, there will be roomy offices, logistics zones and storage areas.

The Vollack Group, an expert in methodical building conception, oversees planning and construction.

Menzel yellow rubber boots

Laying of the foundation stone

The ceremonial laying of the foundation stone took place on June 11, 2022. More than 200 guests were present and watched as the managing directors of MENZEL together with the project manager Paul Bernhardt, the mayor of Hennigsdorf Thomas Günther and Mathias Jordt from the construction contractor Vollack bricked in a time capsule. Read more and watch the film of the of the foundation stone ceremony!

The construction area is leveled

The first earth-moving equipment roll in. Preparatory earthworks are currently taking place on the 24,000 m² site in Hennigsdorf. The site is being modeled and the building area compacted.

Soil compaction works

Heavy graders and excavators are rolling over our construction site these days to compact the ground for the new halls and office building.

The sky is the limit

Now that the foundation pits have been excavated and prepared accordingly, the heavy-duty trucks with the prefabricated ferro-concrete columns are rolling into Hennigsdorf. 
The supporting structure for the office building and the halls is being erected piece by piece, and soon the true dimensions of our new plant will become apparent.

Columns and trusses are being erected bit by bit

In the meantime, the first ferro-concrete trusses have been lifted by crane into place and assembled. They connect the columns to each other. So the "skeleton" of the buidling will soon be ready. 
A dry summer in Germany is allowing the work to progress quickly, even if the hot summer temperatures are making the teams on site sweat a lot.

Sunrise over our construction site

The meteorological beginning of autumn was already on September 1, but the sun is rising over our construction site in Hennigsdorf. Seen here in the morning sun are the foundations and first columns for the 3-story office building with the planned main entrance.

The first wall is up!

Construction work is progressing well and the first wall of the new workshop is already in place. In addition, the foundation for the three-story office building has been poured. In the future, this will house all offices, a canteen as well as changing rooms and sanitary facilities. 

The walls of the northern hall are in place

The walls of the northern production hall are almost all in place, revealing the size and ceiling height. In parallel, the foundation pits for the prefabricated ferro-concrete columns for the southern hall are being prepared. 

In the foreground, the first walls for the office building are being placed. A three-story office building, the main entrance and a cafeteria will be built here. 

This is what the facade will look like!

During today's site inspection, we were allowed to take a first look at the exterior facade of our new factory halls. In the picture you can see the northern production hall.

The facades consist of so-called finished steel sandwich elements, which will be installed horizontally. The elements consist of an outer and inner formwork of micro-lined steel sheets and an insulating core. The color of the outer facade is RAL 7016 anthracite. The height of the attic is 11.65 m.

First floor of the new office building completed

Now all supporting columns for the southern factory hall are in place. In addition, the first floor of the new office building is complete and the facade segments for the 1st floor have already arrived. It won't be long now before our employees can take a look at their new workplaces on site.

Foundation for the new load test field

Here you can see the two meter deep concrete foundations for our new load test field. In the near future, routine, type and system tests will be carried out here - also for external customers and electric motor brands. We test electric motors, generators, synchronous machines or transformers, converters and motor systems.

Paramenter of the new test field:

  • Test voltage: up to 13.200 V                                                                                        
  • Frequency: up to 120 Hz 
  • Power: up to 2.300kVA 
  • Crane capacity: up to 80t
  • Hook height: 7,5m 
  • Two test beds: 12x5m and 9x3m

The 2nd floor of the office building is up

The office building has reached the second floor. In the future, three floors will house our cafeteria, offices, meeting rooms, changing rooms and a large terrace. At the same time, the southern factory hall is getting its roof structure. 

The first walls of the upper floor are in place

In the meantime, the second floor of the office building is finished and the first walls of the upper floor are in place. Soon we will be able to invite our employees to walk through the future halls and offices for the first time. This will be exciting!

The southern factory hall is also already getting its outer facade consisting of so-called, finished steel sandwich elements. The elements consist of an outer and inner formwork of micro-lined steel sheets and an insulating core.

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