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24-hour emergency service for industrial motors

Emergency? Case of damage? Plant standstill? No problem. You can call us! In case of a disruption of operations, you can reach us 365 days a year.

+49 1577 349 922-0

24-hour emergency service

A special advantage for our industrial customers

One of our decisive advantages is our 24-hour emergency service for motor deliveries to any place in the world. We exclusively operate an emergency telephone line, so that our industrial customers can also reach us outside normal business hours if they face a plant standstill.

MENZEL maintains one of the largest inventories of brand-new three-phase asynchronous motors up to 15,000 kW as well as direct current motors of different sizes, including special constructions.

Even when our help is required very quickly in case of a plant standstill, you can always count on the proven service and quality of MENZEL Elektromotoren! Our stocked industrial motors can be adapted to your requirements within a very short time. They will be tested in our in-house test field and directly delivered to you also on weekends, no matter on what continent you are based.

One call to MENZEL can save you time and money!