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Bespoke mining pit fan motors with fin cooling

Three tailored three-phase squirrel cage motors in frame size 630 for installation inside mining pit fans.

MENZEL Motors has just recently designed and manufactured three powerful 6600 V squirrel cage motors as integral components for mining pit fans. The customer specified cylindrical motor casings as compact as possible for its underground ventilation system. The greatest challenge was to implement the required rated power of 1700 kW in cylindrical casings.

Menzel therefore designed fin-cooled squirrel cage motors (cooling type IC 411) in frame size 630, an extremely unusual design for motors this large. The manufacture is complex, but the result is optimal for the constricted installation conditions in the mining industry. In order to save additional space, all connection cables are routed out of the pit fan motors and the terminal boxes are mounted outside the fans.

Tailored three-phase squirrel cage pit fan motor frame size 630
Electric motors adapted for the constricted installation conditions in the tunnel fan

Special rolling bearing setup and a second shaft end

Since the driven fan wheels are mounted directly on the motor shafts, the motor bearing must compensate additional high loads: radial loads up to 20700 N and axial loads up to 27000 N.

For the required bearingservice life of 100,000 hours, Menzel implemented a special rolling bearing setup. In addition, the motors have a second shaft end for a holding brake. The three-phase squirrel cage motors are designed for operation on a frequency converter (duty type S9) with speed changes and reversal of the rotation direction. This allows the pit fans not only to ventilate the mine, but also to extract dangerous firedamp if necessary.

Performance data of the three pit fan motors

  • Type: Squirrel cage motor MEBKSR630-06
  • Standard: IEC / EN 60034-1
  • Power rating: 1700 kW (corresponds to 2280 HP)
  • Voltage rating: 6600 V
  • Frequency: 37 Hz
  • Number of poles: 6 poles
  • Nominal speed: 730 min-1
  • Rated torque: 22240 Nm
  • Mounting: IM 1002 (IM B3)
  • Protection class: IP 55
  • Type of cooling: IC 411 fin cooled
  • Weight: 12150 kg
  • Bearing type: grease lubricated antifriction bearings

Customized electric motors from Germany for the mining industry

We are a family-run company from Germany that has been manufacturing electric motors for almost 100 years and selling them worldwide. We supply asynchronous motors up to 25 MW and 13.8 kV, either to customer specifications or in standard series - squirrel cage and slip ring motors, as well as DC motors.

We specialize in the adaptation and new production of customized motors of almost all types and industrial applications: Mining, Cement, Steel and many more. MENZEL can rebuild and replace existing motors of all types and power ratings.

Personal advice and fast delivery directly from stock

Plant and mine operators in more than 75 countries appreciate not only our personal advice, but also the particularly fast delivery of larger electric motors, including special designs. We have one of thelargest warehouses in Europe. With a large selection of brand-new electric motors in stock, we can deliver the right motor within a few days in the event of a plant shutdown.

MENZEL not only manufactures motors for ventilation fans and systems for the mining industry. Our robust, powerful and low-maintenance electric motors are used in mines all over the world: As mill drives, conveyor motors, crusher motors, as belt drives and more - always tailored to your application. 

Menzel Motors at the Mining Convention Perumin 35 / Extemin 2022

With its own booth in the German Pavilion, MENZEL presented its motor solutions for the mining industry this year at one of the largest mining trade shows in the industry, PERUMIN 35/ EXTEMIN. From September 26 to 30, 2022, more than 50,000 participants came to Arequipa, Peru to visit the Mining Technology Exhibition. In Pavilion 5 German companies presented their products and services under the "Made in Germany" brand at the Mining Technology Exhibition (part of PERUMIN - Mining Convention)

The Peruvian Mining Association for Engineers (Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas del Perú - IIMP) was holding the event for the first time again as a presence event again after the trade fair was suspended last year due to the pandemic. With a symbolic act of "payment to the earth" and a spectacular view of the Misti volcano, the gates to the fair were opened on Monday September 26, 2022. It was great to see how many guests had followed the invitation. 

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