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Internships for students

An internship with MENZEL Elektromotoren is the perfect gateway into the varied field of electrical motors. Genuine practical experience can be gained here!

MENZEL builds large, powerful motors for industrial plants worldwide, and the necessary production processes are complex and demanding. We often find out that young people come to us with completely inaccurate preconceptions of our profession. For this reason, it is important to get an initial overview via a placement. MENZEL offers a wide range of options.

Internships for students studying electric drive technology

During a student internship, students of electric drive technology have the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. A foundation is laid for your own career with a high school or bachelor placement. In addition, valuable practical experience can be gained during an internship with MENZEL.

Entry into practical work experience can either take place within the areas of project management, sales, the on-site test area, or production. As we cover all steps in the value creation chain within our Berlin production site, students get the best insights into practical aspects here. Depending on interests, our engineers of the future support us in the development of low, medium, or high-voltage motors and work in international sales or within the production department in our motor plant. A team of experienced colleagues will accompany you on the first practical steps.

MENZEL also supports bachelors' and Masters' theses.

MENZEL practical day for Berlin schools

Our MENZEL practical day is a special offer for Berlin schools and teachers. We provide exclusive insights into motor production for a day. Pupils are therefore able to gain an overview regarding the job of an electronics specialist for machine and drive technology before looking to apply for an apprenticeship at our site in Berlin.

We answer questions from interested parties from grammar and comprehensive schools in Berlin together with management, our trainers, and former and current trainees. Small practical exercises in our production site are also part of the program, alongside a company introduction and tour. This means that pupils can experience at close quarters what is necessary to produce an electric motor.

Those who can imagine assembling a 10t electric motor and then operating it at some point are certainly in the right place. Have we awakened your interest? If so, send us your application immediately for participation in the practical day, or contact your teacher so that they can get in contact with us.

The MENZEL practical day regularly takes place at the beginning of the year. Capacity is limited, which is why we would like to give priority to those pupils who have a real and demonstrable interest in working within the field of electric drive technology. 

Further information

For further information regarding the MENZEL practical day, please contact Birgit Müller.

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