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Thesis in the field of motor and drive technology

Writing your thesis in the field of drive technology with MENZEL Elektromotoren provides students with an interesting path into practical life with a manufacturer of electric motors.

If you are at the end of your bachelor or Master's degree course in electrical engineering, then come and write your thesis with us. It's not uncommon for former placement students and students writing their theses to become MENZEL employees. There is a wide range of possible topics

Thesis for bachelor or Master's degree students in electrical engineering

MENZEL Elektromotoren GmbH is a medium-sized family business that has transformed itself greatly over the last few years and become an international player in the manufacturing of large industrial motors. We also operate one of the most modern test areas in Germany and our motors are exported worldwide.

We are always interested in technically developing and improving our products and services, with particular focus on our innovative test area technology. Our close partnerships with several high schools within the field of electrical engineering, with a primary focus on drive technology, plays a considerable part. Research and practical experience meet each other directly.

Bachelor or Master's degree students have the opportunity to shape current technical questions facing our company when writing their thesis with MENZEL. Experienced engineers are available to answer your questions at any time and support you with your thesis. A thesis (bachelor or Master's degree) with MENZEL may, for example, cover topics regarding the testing of electrical machines as well as reports, test instructions, and limit values.

Thesis with MENZEL as a springboard into professional life

Writing your thesis with MENZEL could be a perfect career springboard and the start of a career. As part of their thesis students take on independent and responsible tasks. Commitment may come with its own reward, as it is not unusual for an opportunity to arise to join MENZEL Elektromotoren after completing a bachelor's or Master's thesis.

"It became clear to me fairly quickly that if I really got to work, then the door to a job with MENZEL was pretty much open", said graduate engineer Thomas Schmidt, who is now responsible for important motor tests as a test bay engineer. His entry into the company occurred via his thesis and then a placement afterwards.

If you are also interested in writing up a thesis within the field of drive technology at MENZEL, then take your opportunity and introduce yourself to us! We look forward to getting to know you.

You are interested in writing your thesis in the field of drive technology with MENZEL Elektromotoren?

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