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Electronics technician - Apprenticeship in Berlin

Students interested in electronics and technology can train as electronics technicians in Berlin, for example at MENZEL Elektromotoren GmbH.

Students interested in electronics and technology can train as electronics technicians in Berlin, for example at MENZEL Elektromotoren GmbH. As an electronics technician, you can learn many exciting tasks in the fields of industry and trade.

There are various specialized apprenticeships that you can choose from. In the following article we would like to show you what they are. They all have one thing in common: a future-proof and well-paid job awaits you!

The apprenticeship "Electronics technician for machines and drive technology" that we offer at MENZEL every year is one of the most popular apprenticeships in the field of electrical trade.

Five different Apprenticed Trades for Technicians 

In 2021, the training occupations in the electrical trade were rearranged. You can choose from the following five professions:

  • Electrician apprenticeship specializing in energy and building technology
  • Electrician apprenticeship for system integration in buildings
  • Electronics technician 
  • Electronic apprenticeship specializing in automation and system technology
  • Electronics apprenticeship for machines and drive technology

Electronics technician for energy and building technology

If you are interested in climate protection and questions of energy supply and building technology, you are on the right track with an "apprenticeship as an electronics technician for energy and building technology". Here everything revolves around energy supply systems and the installation and configuration of building system technology. 

Electronics technicians for building system integration

"Electronics technicians for building system integration" analyze, plan and optimize building systems and processes using the latest technology. They are the link to planners in the field of smart and cross-trade building technologies. Applicants are addressed here who are interested in smart home solutions, energy management systems and innovations and also like to program.

Information electronics technician

The apprenticeship training position "information electronics technician", combines the fields of information and telecommunications technology with  office systems technology and a focus on equipment and systems technology. Here you learn everything about the networking of intelligent information technology systems. You make sure that everything runs smoothly for your customers: electronic devices, media and network technology, communication systems, etc.

Electronics technician specializing in automation and systems technology

The apprenticeship "Electronics technician specializing in automation and systems technology" combines the field of automation technology with the system electronics technician. Here you will learn how to program and optimize system controls and regulations. Everything that works automatically today must also be controlled. Automation technicians ensure operationally reliable processes.

Electronics technician for machines and drive technology

The term "Electronics technician for machines and drive technology" may be a bit confusing. This training occupation used to be called "electrical machine builder". Electric motor or machine builder is probably the more appropriate name for the job at Menzel Elektromotoren, because it involves the construction of large electric motors. The tasks of an electronics technician for machines and drive technology lie in the area of assembly, testing, commissioning and maintenance of electrical machines and drive systems.

Our electronics specialist for motor technology manufacture windings for our electric motors and assemble mechanical, electrical and electronic motor components. They also carry out fault diagnostics and motor tests. We think: this is the best job for electronics technicians and the best training for everyone who finds nothing more exciting than large electrical machines!

We asked our long-standing training manager and senior managing director, Kurt Menzel, about the training at MENZEL. In this interview you will find many answers to the most important questions about the apprenticeship for electronics technician for machines and drive technology.

Application for an apprenticeship with MENZEL

Deciding on one of the 5 different apprenticeships in our industry is certainly not easy. We therefore recommend applicants to take a close look at the various professions. We offer interested parties an internship or trial work. This gives you the best insight into the day-to-day work of an electronics technician. 

Can you imagine yourself working with us and being a useful part of the team? Then we look forward to receiving your application. We train with the objective of recruitment after successful completion. We give priority to applicants with strong marks in mathematical / scientific subjects (min. 3) and also have interest in technical and manual work. 

Please note that knowledge of the German language and a residency permit are required!

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