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Large electric motor for a compressor - New Jersey, USA

A long-standing MENZEL customer from New Jersey recently ordered a 13200 V motor to drive a large compressor to be delivered in just a few days.

The customer needed the motor within a comparatively short delivery time, so a suitable squirrel cage induction motor of MENZEL type MEBKSW630-04 was offered directly from stock and delivered in just a few days.

Where it normally takes several months for a squirrel cage motor of this size and performance to be manufactired, MENZEL can deliver new motors directly from stock if necessary. „Our customers in the USA really appreciate our fast delivery service of even large motors“, says Mathis Menzel, CEO of MENZEL Elektromotoren GmbH. „Our international in-house logistics in Berlin takes care of all the necessary documents and short-term delivery to your factory, regardless of whether you are located in New Jersey, Florida, Texas or anywhere else in the US.“

Performance data of the 13200 V compressor motor 

  • Type: squirrel cage induction motor MEBKSW630-04
  • Standard: IEC / EN 60034-1
  • Power rating: 8000 kW / 10728 HP (conversion factor 1 kW = 1.34 hp US)
  • Voltage rating: 13200 V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Number of poles: 4 poles
  • Nominal speed: 1788 min-1
  • Mounting: IM B3
  • Protection class: IP 55
  • Type of cooling: IC 81W
  • Weight: 17800 kg
  • Bearing type: Oil lubricated sleeve bearings
  • Special terminal box for main connections and star point for rated voltage 13.2 kV

Stocking distributor of large electric motors in the USA

We are a German motor manufacturer who can deliver electric motors of various sizes to the USA also at short notice. We have unparalleled stock of brand-new, larger electric motors with nominal power up to 20000 HP (15 MW) available for you.

With one of the largest inventories of LV, MV and HV AC and DC motors in Europe, we are well prepared for any circumstances. Our pre-engineered standard designs are not exposed to any supply chain risk with the majority ready to go at a moment's notice. Modifications and adjustments to suit your existing individual industrial requirements can be implemented quickly and flexibly in our electric motor manufacturing plant in Berlin, Germany.

Large motors directly available from stock:

  • Three-phase motors with squirrel cage or slip ring rotors in low voltage up to 3350 HP (2500 kW)
  • Asynchronous three-phase motors with squirrel cage or slip ring rotors in medium and high voltage up to 20000 HP (15000 kW)
  • DC motors up to 800 HP (600 kW)
  • Various sizes and cooling types
  • Short-term and individual adjustments are possible at any time

Low, medium and high-horsepower electric motors in custom designs

We also produce a broad selection of low, medium and high-horsepower electric motors in custom designs of all conceivable kinds in accordance with the requirements of our clients.

MENZEL's production emphasis is on the production of individual units, regardless of whether for special applications or as a back-up or replacement, both mechanically and electrically replaceable for present motors.

As a global supplier, we offer squirrel cage motors from 500 HP up to 25000 HP, slip ring motors from from 500 HP up to 10000 HP and DC motors from 400 HP up to 3000 HP.

Are you located in New Jersey or any other place in North America? Please contact our US sales officer, Marc Amato who will be happy to reply to your questions and enquiries. 

Working at a 13200V squirrel cage motor to be delivered to New Jersey
Final cabling work at a 13200V squirrel cage motor to drive a large compressor
Shaft and oil lubrication connection of a squirrel cage induction motor
View on the shaft and oil lubrication connections of a squirrel cage motor frame size 630
Squirrel cage induction motor with air-water cooling unit
Motor including cooler ready for air freight delivery to final destination in New Jersey, USA