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Customized replacement motors for pumping station in Alabama

Menzel Elektromotoren has built two special motors to meet exact customer specifications for all mechanical and electrical properties. A waterworks in Alabama, United States needed replacements for very old pump motors with low speeds of 391 min-1 and 439 min-1.

The order was for two vertical slip ring motors with outputs of 450 HP and 700 HP, each with 4000 V rated voltage.

Menzel manufactured two bespoke motors from scratch, including the motor windings. A particular challenge, the external dimensions of the old drives also had to be precisely matched for the same total height with protective hood, terminal box placements, and arrangement of cooling air intakes and outlets.

Performance data of the two replacement motors

  • Type: Slip ring motor MEBSSD630-18
  • Standard: IEC / EN 60034-1
  • Power rating: 450 HP
  • Voltage rating: 4000 V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Number of poles: 18 poles
  • Nominal speed: 391 min-1
  • Mounting: IM V1
  • Protection class: IP 23
  • Type of cooling: IC 01
  • Weight: 10250 kg
  • Type: Slip ring motor MEBSSD630-16
  • Standard: IEC / EN 60034-1
  • Power rating: 700 HP
  • Voltage rating: 4000 V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Number of poles: 16 poles
  • Nominal speed: 439 min-1
  • Mounting: IM V1
  • Protection class: IP 23
  • Type of cooling: IC 01
  • Weight: 9550 kg

Load test according to the bi-frequency method

Before shipping, the motors underwent a load test according to the bi-frequency method in our test field. All outlined parameters were met to the full satisfaction of the customer.

All AC motors or DC motors leave our German plant with final testing. For this purpose, MENZEL operates a state-of-the-art load test field at our Berlin headquarters with an output of 2300 kVA. The testing equipment includes a 6 kV converter, rotating converter for all common voltages from 3 to 13.8 kV and load resistors for testing generators.

Customized electric motors manufactered for U.S. customers

Menzel has been supplying this customer, a U.S.-based drive manufacturer, with customized or replacement motors for several years, especially when they had to meet particularly short delivery times.

We not only provide electric motors to end users directly but are also a supplier and partner of drive manufacturers, distributors, and maintenance companies. In many cases we can assist in the short term, if end customers have particularly challenging demands. Many repeated orders from the U.S. are proof of highest quality and reliability.

Our promise to our business partners is the continued development of our skills and services, which are always focused on the challenges our clients face as well as the requirements of international markets. Our entrepreneurial independence gives us the necessary flexibility.

Special motor engineering from Germany

German motor manufacturer Menzel has a wealth of experience in special motor engineering and is adept at meeting such requirements. Our company designed and welded the special enclosures in-house. Implementing the exact same dimensions of the old motors ensured easy and time-saving replacement on site in the pumping station.

MENZEL's production emphasis is on the production of individual units, regardless of whether for special applications or as a back-up or replacement, both mechanically and electrically replaceable for present motors. As a global supplier, we offer squirrel cage motors from 500 HP up to 25000 HP, slip ring motors from from 500 HP up to 10000 HP and DC motors from 400 HP up to 3000 HP.

Are you located in Alabama or any other place in North America? Please contact our US sales officer, Marc Amato who will be happy to reply to your questions and enquiries. 

Two 4000V pump motors for Alabama USA
Two vertical 4000 V pump motors ready for shipment to Alabama, USA
Brush and slip ring compartment of a wound rotor motor
Look into the brush and slip ring compartment, where a inspection window will be installed.
Oil connection of a V1 slip ring motor
Oil connections for oil-lubricated sleeve bearings of this slip ring motor