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Replacement motor for cement mill application in Texas, USA

A long-time customer has recently ordered an urgent replacement motor for a cement mill in Texas, USA. MENZEL delivered a new 4000V motor within one week.

The particular challenge was maintaining the total length of the new slip ring motor with millimeter precision. In this case, the motor has two shaft ends and it had to be prepared for immediate commissioning without any changes of the on-site foundation. And all had to be done within just one week of time.

“With international deliveries, as in the case, it is essential for us to prepare the motor for immediate commissioning.“ says Mathis Menzel, CEO of MENZEL Elektromotoren. “Therefore, we take a very close look at all customer documents and inquire about the motor’s purpose.  We often find out that small changes would result in a more efficient and more reliable solution for a specific application. Detailed enquiries are our trademark – we do not simply deliver what the customer asks for, but what they really need.”

Custom motor adjustments in just a few days

We took a new 1900 HP slip ring motor from our Berlin warehouse. After performing a number of extensive technical modifications to ensure complete mechanical and electrical compatibility the motor was ready for delivery in just a one week.

Such a quick response time is possible because of our comprehensive stock – a key part of MENZEL's strategy that allows for the modification and customization of standard motors to match customer needs in short order.

Our technicians modified both shaft ends in diameter and length to be matched to the original motor. And, since the motor from stock had a lower shaft height than the original motor at the cement mill, we also manufactured and supplied specific adapter plates by which the anchors are adjusted. These customized adapter plates were made in our in-house welding shop, which allows flexible production of special components and custom-made welded designs at all times.

After a final test at our Berlin test field the finished motor was delivered by air freight to the cement plant in North America.

Performance data of the cement mill motor

  • Type: Slip ring motor
  • Standard: IEC / EN 60034-1
  • Power rating: 1414 kW (corresponds to 1900 HP)
  • Voltage rating: 4000 V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Number of poles: 8 poles
  • Nominal speed: 887 min-1
  • Rated torque: 15224 Nm
  • Mounting: IM B3
  • Protection class: IP 55
  • Type of cooling: IC 611 self cooled
  • Weight of stator: 8800 kg and cooler: 1730 kg
  • Bearing type: grease lubricated antifriction bearings

Fast motor replacement solutions from stock

In this case the US end-customer was faced with a potentially very costly downtime of their cement plant, when the original motor for their mill broke down unexpectedly. With standstill costs rising by the minute, and no spare drive available at the site, a new replacement motor was urgently needed.

Usually, motors of this size and configuration are project specific long lead items, not available from main-stream OEM’s so quickly. It can often take several months for a motor of this size and complexity, to be manufactured or repaired.

MENZEL specializes in the production and short-term delivery of larger pre-engineered, electric motors capable of being configured quickly for existing special designs.

In order to guarantee quick delivery to the customer in any eventuality, we maintain an extensive inventory of three-phase asynchronous motors with either squirrel cage or wound rotor designs, as well as a large range of DC motors.

Motor manufacturer serving the Cement Industry in the United States

Our company has been supplying various industries for more than 90 years and is capable of providing suitable drive solutions for virtually any large-scale motor application. In the cement industry, this mainly applies to process-relevant motors in mills and crushers, compressors, fans and rotary kilns.

“With regard to customized solutions, we offer more versatility than many large players in the market,” says Guido Wolf, Head of High Voltage Drives at MENZEL. “Thanks to decades of experience and close cooperation with users from the cement industry and similar key industries, we can quickly and reliably identify cost-efficient solutions

Through our many years of experience in the manufacturing of cement mill motors, we are familiar with a wide variety of requirements and can advise customers from the industrial cement sector around the world. MENZEL electric motors are being operated in numerous industrial plants, not only cement plants. 

Are you located in Texas or any other place in North America? Please contact our US sales officer, Marc Amato who will be happy to reply to your questions and enquiries. 

4000V slip ring motor for cement mill in Texas
4000V slip ring motor with IC 611 cooling system ready for air freight delivery to Texas, USA
Slip ring motor with inspection window to slip ring compartment
Inspection window to the slip ring compartment for maintenance
Slip ring compartment with brushholders and brushes
View into the slip ring compartment of a 4000V motor with brushholders and brushes.