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Did you know... what Thorben Keune does?

Today we are talking to Thorben Keune, new in his position as Deputy Head of High Voltage Motors at Menzel Elektromotoren.

This "Did you know..?" format is also new and will gradually give you insights into the professional fields and expertise of the "MENZEL people". 

To kick things off, we asked Thorben Keune, who joined MENZEL in 2020 as Project Manager High Voltage Motors. Today, the Hannover native gives us insights into what he does, how he got there and why he prefers to do it at MENZEL. 

Thorben Keune - Deputy Head of High Voltage Motors

Mr Keune, did you always want to become what you are now?

Yes. After school, my path became quite clear. I first did an apprenticeship as an electronics technician for operating technology in a large cement plant. There I mainly worked with large electric motors and was also briefly involved in maintenance. However, it was already clear to me during the training that I would follow up with a degree in electrical engineering. I did that in Hannover and specialised in drive technology at the end of my studies. Directly after my studies, I started a job as a sales engineer for large machines and drive projects. All the tools I learned here and in the course of my training I can use every day today.

What does the new role of Deputy Head of High Voltage Motors entail?

In addition to the continuing task of Project ManagerHigh Voltage Motors, as Deputy Manager I will now also take on personnel and coordinative responsibility in the department and support and represent my current department manager in his many tasks. MENZEL is growing, and with it the High Voltage Motors division. With the new electric motor plant in Hennigsdorf, we are increasing our technical possibilities and capacities enormously.

What does that mean in concrete terms, i.e. what does a typical working day look like?

First thing in the morning, sifting through the incoming mails, checking what orders and enquiries have arrived, what current projects are running, what needs to be prioritised. Because of the new position, all enquiries now land on my desk, too. This means that I am now jointly responsible for distributing and coordinating the enquiries and tasks among the Project Engineers. And then it's time to work on the project: from checking the requirements and their feasibility to preparing a concrete offer. Of course, this also includes monitoring current projects as well as supporting my customers - the special motor solutions we offer usually require sound, intensive advice.

Why did you decide to work in the industrial sector, what attracted you to it?

It was certainly influenced to a certain extent by my family, because my father also worked in the industrial sector. At my first job as an electronics technician in the cement plant, I worked in the fourth generation: My great-grandfather, for example, was already part of the "yard crew" there, and my father was most recently Head of Maintenance. Anyone who works in industry knows that people also like to talk about it in private, so I got to hear a lot early on. The path to industry was therefore obvious.

Can you recommend young people to start a career in industry?

Definitely! And I don't regret that I chose the path of first doing an apprenticeship and then going on to study. The practical knowledge and experience that I gained through this and not only heard in theory - e.g. how processes work in a company or what it means to connect a motor - was immensely important. So I would recommend everyone to go into industry. There are a bunch of interesting employers and one of them is definitely MENZEL!

Why did it become MENZEL for you?

Since I had written my final thesis in the industry, I was familiar with Menzel Elektromotoren GmbH. But even during my apprenticeship you could see the yellow motors everywhere. So I had already noticed the company as a potential employer at an early stage. In the end, the combination of a traditional and at the same time highly dynamic family business convinced me to continue my career here. And of course the personal development opportunities that the company offers to anyone who is committed. All this makes MENZEL an attractive employer from my point of view.

And last but not least: What do you look forward to when you come home in the evening? 

Definitely: To my wife, our family and a long walk in the forest with our dog!