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Pump drive gets all-around makeover

A six-pole squirrel-cage motor with 802 kW rated power and a speed of 990 min-¹ underwent a particularly extensive scope of modifications in January 2016 at German motor manufacturer Menzel Elektromotoren. A steel mill in UK requested this motor as a 100 % compatible replacement for a pump drive. This required an unusually large number of design adaptations and special modifications - unlike in most projects, where these are rarely all necessary at the same time.

Most notably, the horizontally positioned B3 motor was converted into a vertical V1 motor. Other adaptations include the addition of a protective roof, a special type QJ328 bearing and a special motor flange with customized dimensions, which the motor will stand on once it is installed. In addition to all this, another unique feature was required: a custom-built terminal box flange for the customer's BEAMA box, mounted in a specific spot. This flange allows the customer to install and continue to use this special clamp compartment, which is unusual on motors outside the UK, in the same position as before. Moreover, the Menzel engineers turned down the shaft to the required dimensions and switched the winding to a delta connection". The new 100% compatible motor is due to be installed in place of the old unit in February 2016.

Special squirrel cage motor for pump drive application