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Our new image video is online

Our new image video offers you interesting insights into the work of an electric motor manufacturer that specializes in the production of large, individual electric motors for industrial plants. Tradition, passion, and commitment since 1927.

Get to know parts of our team in the video and watch them do their daily work as electrical motor technicians, engineers, designer or test field experts. Using five exemplary projects, the corporate film shows various work steps from project planning to design, construction, manufacturing and final motor testing and delivery to places all over the world.

At MENZEL you get everything from a single source: standard electric motors for industrial applications, identical interchangeable replicas, special designs, mechanical and electrical adjustments and more.

An image video full of electric motors

The Menzel image video takes you on a tour through our electric motor factory in Germany. View the assembly work of a water-cooled 3000V slip ring motor for an Italian industrial gas manufacturer. Or a special design of a vertical low-voltage motor with a squirrel-cage rotor for a Swedish sugar factory. Or a 33-ton, explosion-proof squirrel cage motor (Ex nA IIC T3) for an ambient temperature of 55 ° C in the North African desert.

Our projects are as individual and diverse as our global customers.

Performance data of the MEBSSW560-12 shown in the image video

  • 12-pole slip ring motor with oil lubricated sleeve bearings
  • For industrial gas supplier, Italy
  • Modular design
  • Power: 600 kW
  • Voltage: 3000 V
  • Nominal speed: 491 min-1
  • Cooling type: IC81W
  • Protection type: IP55
  • Weight: 8150 kg

Performance data of the MEBKSL630-08 shown in the image video

  • 8-pole vertical squirrel cage motor for inverter operation
  • For sugar factory, Sweden
  • Vertical flange mounted IM3011-V1
  • Power: 1800 kW
  • Voltage: 690 V.
  • Nominal speed: 743 min-1
  • Cooling type: IC616
  • Protection type: IP55
  • Weight: 13250 kg

Performance data of the MEBKGFN450X-02 shown in the image video

  • 2-pole explosion-proof squirrel cage motor for VSD inverter operation
  • For oil and gas company, France
  • Ex nA IIC T3
  • Power: 600 kW
  • Voltage: 400 V
  • Nominal speed: 2985 min-1
  • Cooling type: IC416
  • Protection type: IP55
  • Ambient temperature: 55 ° C
  • Weight: 5100 kg

Performance data of the MEBGVF200.40 shown in the image video

  • DC motor
  • Many standard motors available at short notice
  • Power: 146 kW
  • Voltage: 440 V
  • Nominal speed: 1500/1750 min-1
  • Cooling type: IC06
  • Protection type: IP23
  • Weight: 760 kg

Performance data of the MEBKSLN 800-04 shown in the image video

  • 4-pole explosion-proof squirrel-cage rotor for high torque start
  • For oil field application, Algeria
  • Ex nA IIC T3
  • Power: 7900 kW
  • Voltage: 5500 V
  • Nominal speed: 1490 min-1
  • Cooling type: IC616
  • Protection type: IP55
  • Ambient temperature: 55 ° C
  • Weight: 33100 kg

Individual support is very important to us. Every project starts with a personal consulting service. We see ourselves not only as a manufacturer of three-phase and direct current motors, but much more as a motor solution provider and advisory partner.

We specialize in the manufacture of individual electric motors - quickly and reliably implemented according to our customers' specifications. In order to be able to react particularly quickly in the event of a motor failure, we also keep many of our large electric motors as modular standard stock in Germany.

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