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High voltage water cooled motor for Linde India

Menzel has delivered at short notice a new, high voltage water cooled motor with 11 MW to Linde India Ltd., to drive a compressor in a steel mill. The new motor, delivered in only a few weeks from order, is a modular HV squirrel cage motor from our MEBKSW series ensured minimal system downtime of crucial steel production.

When a large water cooled 11 MW compressor motor from another brand suddenly failed, the steel mill in the state of Odisha in eastern India was briefly shut down. Thanks to MENZEL's quick delivery of a suitable replacement motor, major production losses could be averted. Menzel maintains an extensive warehouse of large high-voltage motors, in addition to low and medium-voltage motors for all kinds of industrial applications, which can be tailored to suit customers’ needs.

The new motor, its total weight is 23.5 t, operates with a rated voltage of 11 kV was designed for 50 Hz operation with a rated speed of 1492 min-1 in continuous operation (operating mode S1).  Two of our motor experts flew from Germany to India for the commissioning of this special motor - a service that we are happy to offer our international customers.

Water-cooled high voltage motors – MENZEL series MEBKSW

For the project with Linde, we chose a modular, water-cooled high voltage motor from the MEBKSW series. Our IC 81W motors with squirrel cage rotors are by default very well suitedto the ambient conditions with temperatures up to 50 °C and a humidity of up to 95 %.

Their tropicalised motor winding conforms with temperature class F. Menzel fitted the motor with an air-to-water heat exchanger, which is ideal for environments with high humidity and highly polluted atmosphere, implementing an increased IP55 ingress protection.

Mechanical and electrical adjustments

Menzel also made several mechanical and electrical adjustments to meet existing site interfaces ensuring smooth installation on site. One noteworthy challenge was that the original terminal box, complete with the sensors installed inside, should be moved to the new HV motor.

To accomplish this Menzel not only manufactured a mounting adapter, but also changed the winding ends, routing them from the overhang to the terminal box along the side of the motor housing. Furthermore, to ensure minimal site work, Menzel built a new base frame to adapt the motor with mounting dimensions matching the existing foundation.

Performance data of the HV water-cooled motor delivered to​​​​​ Linde  

  • Type: high-voltage motor with squirrel-cage rotor MEBKSW710-04
  • Standard: IEC / EN 60034-1
  • Nominal power: 11000 kW (11MW)
  • Nominal voltage: 11000 V
  • Nominal frequency: 50 Hz
  • Number of poles: 4 poles
  • Nominal speed: 1492 min-1
  • Design: IM B3
  • Protection class: IP 55
  • Cooling type: IC 81W water-cooled
  • Weight: 23550 kg

Like all electric motors from MENZEL, the motor went through extensive tests in our load test field before delivery, which the customer attended to witness in Berlin, Germany.

Upon request, our customers can be present personally to witness tests of their electric motors. For this purpose, a welcoming and appropriately sound-protected, heated visitor cabin has been integrated into the MENZEL motor test facility enabling visiting inspectors to witness at close proximity, all of the procedures of the motor testing process.

Water-cooled squirrel-cage motors for extreme ambient conditions

MENZEL water-cooled squirrel cage motors are especially suitable for industrial applications with harsh operating environments and restricted spatial conditions. Due to their compact designs, cooling types IC 81W and IC 86W (air-to-water heat exchanger) allow increased motor power and efficiency and in some cases, optimal vibration damping.

Our water-cooled squirrel cage motors comply with protection classes IP 23 and IP 55 in accordance with DIN IEC 34, Section 5, whereby alternative protection classes are available on request.

Advantages of water-cooled squirrel cage motors (IC 81W and IC 86W)

  • Suitable for extreme environmental conditions
  • Very quiet, because there is no external fan
  • Highly efficient cooling
  • High performance and torque density
  • Small motor size possible, due to high rotational speeds
  • Interior protection through the encapsulation of the motor 

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