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Happy Holidays and Prosperous New Year in 2020!

As we approach the end of 2019, another exciting and eventful year comes to an end. Again, we were able to implement many technical and logistically challenging and exciting motor projects for our customers around the world: for example, a 13200 V slip ring motor for a cement mill in Canada, a customised vertical motor for a Swedish sugar factory in just 15 days, a 33tonne explosion-proof squirrel-cage motor in record time for an oil production company, eight identical low-voltage motors of frame size 500 for a rolling mill in southern Europe and amongst many others,  the replica of a 10tonne pump motor for a gas-fired power plant in Chile - just to list a few of our significant challenges in 2019.

For us as a customer focussed motor manufacturer, special solutions are part of our day-to-day business. However, we are also constantly faced with exciting challenges such as the production of two replacement motors with particularly unusual characteristics for an iron ore mine: Slip ring motors with cooling type IC 511 for vertical mounting on gearboxes. Each of these three features is special in itself - in combination they required a particularly elaborate new design, but we love rising to these challenges and mastering them too!

Also, sporting challenges and there was successes in 2019 to announce: we are proud to report that we have won the Winner's Cup of the Berlin Urban Sports League in beach volleyball as a newcomer team! Congratulations to our colleagues!

As we approach the New Year 2020, we have a lot to look forward to. Stay tuned!

We thank our customers and business partners

We not only thank our employees, but also our customers, both new and existing ones, as well as our business partners for another successful year. We would be very happy to continue working with you in the New Year and look forward to further exciting challenges.  Again in 2020 we look forward to being, your partner of choice, for fast and flexible custom drive solutions. Simply send us your inquiries via email or contact your personal MENZEL contact person.

Obituary: Gisela Menzel [7. May 1922 - October 28, 2019]

This year we had to bid farewell to our former Managing Director Gisela Menzel. Her empathy, fairness, and decency as well as her exceptional commitment and vision have characterized our family business over 68 years. Even into her old age, Gisela continued to actively shape our company. Her cordiality, her skills and her infectious enthusiasm will remain unforgotten.

At the age of 18, in 1940, Gisela Menzel started her first position at Menzel as an accountant. Some years later, she took over the general management together with company founder Kurt Menzel. Today her grandson Mathis Menzel manages our electric motor company in the third generation.

Donation instead of gifts

Under the motto "donations instead of gifts", we will forgo the benefits of corporate gifts, packaging and shipping in favour of the environment this year, instead MENZEL will support the WWF's nature conservation work with a donation. This way we want to make our small contribution to preserve the beauty and uniqueness of our natural environment and its biodiversity to keep our planet liveable and endearing.

We wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and a good start into a prosperous and successful New Year!