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Custom-made auxiliary motor shaft for steel mill

Menzel Elektromotoren has recently engineered a specially adapted replacement motor for a compressor drive in a Spanish steel mill. The squirrel-cage induction motor with 3,400 kW rated power, 6000 V voltage and a speed of 1,490 rpm not only must ensure the compressed oxygen and nitrogen supply to the mill, but also has to drive a lubricant pump. Due to these requirements, the squirrel-cage induction motor had to be equipped with a second auxiliary shaft end. Menzel Elektromotoren were awarded the contract for this project by their longtime customer, because the company has successfully implemented numerous sophisticated solutions before and gathered extensive relevant experience in the process.

In order to ensure the absolutely reliable interchangeability of the legacy unit and new system, the motor manufacturer dispatched two staff prior to construction to determine the exact operational and structural requirements on site. Based on that data, the replacement motor was then built with the required dimensions, an identical terminal box system, the vibration monitoring system requested by the customer, and two shaft ends for the compressor and the oil pump. Furthermore, the Menzel engineers devised a custom-dimensioned frame to accommodate the additional pump.