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Award for MENZEL test field technician

Happy faces at the test field team of MENZEL Elektromotoren GmbH. This year’s EASA region 9 young industry professionals award was given to MENZEL test field technician Oliver Semmler.

Oliver Semmler of Menzel Elektromotoren has won the 2017 Karsten Moholt Achievement Award for EASA (Electrical Apparatus Service Association) region 9. This prize is awarded annually by EASA to young industry technicians for special achievements.

Outstanding commitment working in the in-house load test field

The 29-year-old electronics engineer for motors and drive systems was recognized for his outstanding commitment working in the in-house load test field of Berlin-based Menzel Elektromotoren, a manufacturer of special motors. Following Semmler's nomination by his production manager, numerous customers sent letters of recommendation to the award jury, expressing their satisfaction with his prompt work and great flexibility to ensure the quick and trouble-free completion of motor tests.

The award ceremony took place in Valencia in September, during the EASA 2017 convention. Semmler plans to spend the cash prize of 3000 EUR on stints at other EASA member companies to further gain experience. He will likely start by visiting the Norwegian company Karsten Moholt AS, for which the award is named, in the spring of 2018.

MENZEL load test field for vendor-independent motor tests up to 13.8 kV

MENZEL operates a state-of-the-art load test field in Berlin for vendor-independent motor tests up to 13.8 kV. The facility is also available for external tests up to 1,800 kW under load and up to 10,000 kW in idle operation.

The special motor manufacturer's services include routine, type and system examinations, notably load tests and heating tests of three-phase asynchronous motors with squirrel-cage or slip ring motors.

Synchronous machines or transformers, inverters or motor systems can be put through their paces, including specially requested testing conditions.

Menzel has custom-built a test hall with two 3 x 9 m base plates for mounting test objects and load machines next to a sound-proof observation cabin with built-in heating. The facility also features two cranes (16 t and 10 t) that can be coupled if necessary. Heavier equipment can be accommodated on request.

MENZEL test field technician wins young industry professionals award
EASA Region 9 Convention in Valencia