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MENZEL pump motors bring water supply back to 280,000 Angolan households

In the Luanda province of the south-east African state of Angola, a waterworks supplying 280,000 households in the region was recently flooded. The water pump motors destroyed in the incident had to be replaced quickly. MENZEL delivered three suitable three-phase asynchronous motors with squirrel cage rotors in only five days thus securing the water supply in the region.

The water supply in the south-eastern part of Luanda province was facing severe disruption, as only one pump motor was still functional after the local river flooded the plant. Action had to be taken quickly, and whilst there was an unusually high level of media interest locally – with criminal proceedings initiated against the chairman of the state water supply company - MENZEL in Berlin worked at full speed to deliver three low-voltage motors (400kW) needed to Angola as quickly as possible.

We contacted most parts of the world to get the units and deliver times were well above 12 weeks (and that was for one unit). MENZEL had the 3 in stock prepared and airfreight to us in less than 5 days”, says Francisco Ferreira from the local Engineering and Service Company. Thanks a million guys for making it happing in a record breaking time.” 

Delivery in record time: only 5 days between request and arrival of the motors

Prior to contacting Menzel, technical support for the water supply had asked numerous companies to provide the required motors. MENZEL was the only company that could react quickly and flexibly, as it had the squirrel cage motors in demand in stock.

The three motors reached Luanda by air freight, in only five days from the request, to the arrival of the motors in Luanda. This ensured that the water supply for 280,000 households in the province was reliably secured again.

Performance data of the three water pump motors supplied:

  • MENZEL motor type: MEBKGR355XB-02
  • Application: Water treatment pumps
  • Motor standard: IEC / EN 60034-1
  • Rated power: 400 kW
  • Rated voltage: 400 V / 690 V
  • Rated frequency: 50 Hz
  • Number of poles: 2
  • Rated speed: 2984 min-1
  • Type of construction: IM 1001 (IM B 3)
  • Frame size / Shaft height: 355 mm
  • Protection class: IP 55
  • Cooling type: IC 411
  • Weight: 2340 kg

Large low-voltage motors up to 4000 kW

MENZEL manufactures among others large low voltage motors with squirrel cage or slip ring rotors in the power range up to approx. 4000 kW in 690 Volt in the frame sizes from usually 280 mm up to 710 mm.

Our larger low-voltage motors are available in all common cooling types, i.e. IC01, IC 411, IC416, IC81W, IC86W, IC611, IC616, IC666 and in protection classes IP23, IP55, IP67 (others upon request). We implement special solutions and individual adaptations quickly and flexibly at any time according to your wishes and applications.

Unique stock enables high-quality electric motor solution even at short notice

As a manufacturer of electric motors for industrial applications, we offer you a significant advantage that comes into play especially in crisis situations - such as the case described: MENZEL maintains one of the most extensive stocks of large industrial motors.

We always have three-phase asynchronous motors with squirrel cage or slip ring rotors as well as DC motors in various sizes in stock, so that we can also supply you at short notice if required.

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Commissioning of a low voltage pump motor water supply in Luanda
Large low voltage motor for water pumps arriving at water supply Luanda
Three 690V pump motors on truck arriving from the airport