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New CEO at MENZEL: Dirk Achhammer becomes commercial managing director

With a change of managing director at MENZEL Elektromotoren this spring, Dirk Achhammer became the new commercial managing director of the Berlin electric motor manufacturer.

Dirk Achhammer, who has been working for MENZEL since 2007, was initially Head of Finance and Administration and subsequently Authorized Representetive of the company. In addition to Mathis Menzel, he took over the management of the motor manufacturer after MENZEL took leave of their CEO, Kurt Menzel on 31 March 2017.

Starting his career in 1975 as Head of Marketing, the qualified engineer took over management of the motor manufacturer from his father, company founder Kurt Menzel senior, in 1984.

Kurt Menzel junior was always appreciated by his employees, business partners and customers for his tireless commitment, his expertise and many years of experience, not least for his unique sense of humor. "It will be hard to get used to his absence," says the staff of MENZEL.

After more than four decades of commitment to the company, Kurt Menzel now puts leadership of Menzel Elektromotoren into the hands of his son, Mathis Menzel, who now forms a dual leadership together with Dirk Achhammer. The family tradition of the company is thus continued and at the same time the company management is spread over two shoulders.

The common goal is to further expand the international sales of MENZEL electric motors and make the MENZEL brand the first choice when it comes to individual drive solutions as well as a fast and flexible service. Already since the beginning of the year, there is a lot to do and many exciting projects to be implemented.

"We sincerely thank Kurt Menzel for his many years of tireless commitment to all our employees and customers, and we wish him a relaxed and joyful retirement!"

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