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Large low-voltage motors for special application in rolling mill

MENZEL manufactured eight low-voltage motors of frame size 500 for a rolling mill in France.

The order for the new production of the roller drives came from an original equipment plant manufacturer. Though the schedule for the motor production was extremely tight, with a maximum production time of 16 weeks, we are proud to advise that the new drives were all delivered on time. 

The motors, operating at a voltage of 690 V produce a rated power of 1000 kW. The motors were designed for the site application-specific load points at a nominal frequency of 25 Hz. MENZEL installed a special encoder for operation with the frequency converter. The customer was completely satisfied, subsequently placing a follow-up order for another four low-voltage motors of this type and size.

Technically sophisticated and high-quality roller drives

Our technically sophisticated and high-quality solution for roller drives ensures reliable operation under high mechanical loads. The robust welded steel housings of the 4-pole three-phase squirrel-cage motors ensure maximum torsional rigidity. At the customer's request, water cooling was implemented (cooling type IC 86W).

Performance data of the roller motors

  • MENZEL motor type: MEBKSW500-04
  • Application: Roller drive in rolling mill
  • Motor standard: IEC / EN 60034-1
  • Rated power: 1000 kW
  • Rated voltage: 690 V
  • Rated frequency: 25 Hz 
  • Number of poles: 4 poles
  • Rated speed: 751 min-1
  • Type: IM B3
  • Size: 500 mm
  • Protection class: IP 55
  • Cooling type: IC 86W
  • Weight: 6800 kg
Large low-voltage motors for special application in rolling mill
Large low-voltage motors manufactured by MENZEL
Large low-voltage motors for special application in rolling mill

Low voltage motors with high power

MENZEL manufactures, among other things, larger low-voltage motors with squirrel cage or slip ring rotors in the power range up to approx. 4000 kW in 690 volts in sizes ranging from 280 mm to 710 mm. Our large low-voltage motors are available in all common cooling types, i.e. IC01, IC 411, IC416, IC81W, IC86W, IC611, IC616, IC666 and in protection classes IP23, IP55, IP67.

MENZEL implements special solutions and individual bespoke engineered configurations quickly and flexibly at any time according to your requirements - whether as standard motors from new production, as special designs for special drive tasks or as 100% identical, interchangeable replacements for obsolete frames no longer available from other manufacturers such as Siemens, ABB etc.

Our low-voltage motors with high power are used especially in the steel industry as rolling mill drives, driving reels, hoists, shears, along with generally driving pumps, blowers, fans and associated test rigs. They meet the highest energy efficiency classes (if applicable) IE3, IE4 and IE5.

Special solutions of every kind

MENZEL is a medium-sized electric motor manufacturing company situated in Berlin, Germany, manufacturing bespoke special solutions of all kinds.  This project allowed us to showcase our engineering capabilities to make full use of our strengths impressing our French client. MENZEL is known for its reliability, flexibility and, above all, its responsiveness. From personal consultation to planning, development, construction and production - MENZEL offers a complete service from one source.

We also offer inverter-fed three-phase motors in various sizes and cooling types for the steel industry. For many years MENZEL has been working for steel companies and suppliers worldwide. Large low-voltage motors for special applications are particularly in demand. However, we also manufacture three-phase motors up to 13.8 kV and 25 MW as well as DC motors up to 2000 kW.