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Menzel Electric Motors, is pleased to announce to its U.S. customers, a new appointment for the North American territory of Marc Amato as Menzel representative. As motor manufacturer from Germany we supply the U.S. market with large special motors in the medium and high-output range and with smaller special motors such as roller table motors and crane motors.

Numerous companies around the USA already appreciate the quality of MENZEL electric motors and our fast and flexible service. With our industry expert and representative Mr. Marc Amato, who is located in the USA, you always have a personal contact who will advise you and answer your questions about our motor solutions.

Menzel U.S electric motor expert Marc Amato

Marc has 27 years of experience in the electric motor and machine industry, particularly in motor manufacturing, re-manufacturing, troubleshooting, and machine applications. He has led teams of engineers and technicians during installation, startup, and commissioning of machines up to 30,000 hp (20 MW). He has an in-depth background in forensic failure analysis and is a specialist in bearing systems.

Marc Amato
U.S. Sales Representative
+1 401 640 71695
[email protected]

What types of motors can we offer for the U.S. market?

Our electric motors delivery portfolio for the U.S. includes individually planned low voltage motors with big frame sizes as well as medium and high voltage motors in the high horse power range. 

  • Three-phase, wound-rotor induction motors: up to 20000 HP (15000 kW) with rated voltage up to 13800 V
  • Three-phase squirrel cage induction motors: up to 33000 HP (25000 kW) with rated voltage up to 13800 V
  • DC motors: up to 3000 HP (2000 kW) with rated voltage up to 1000 V
  • Custom-tailored motor construction 
  • Various enclosure, cooling and protection types
  • Grease and oil lubrication 
  • Sleeve bearings and anti-friction bearings
  • Also for variable frequency drive (VFD)

All of our AC and DC motors comply with the current standards EN60034 and IEC60034, VDE, DIN and ISO leave our German plant with final testing. 

Our delivery program also covers special motors such as crane motors for example for rough-terrain cranes and P&H cranes, roller table motors, asynchronous and synchronous generators and many more. Customized motor solutions, reliability and flexibility are key concepts in our manufacturing processes.

Focus industries and applications

MENZEL motors are operated worldwide in a wide variety of industries and markets. They are preferably used for heavy-duty applications like compressors, mills, pumps, conveyor belts, shredders, fans, refiners, cranes and many more.

Typical industries are: Cement industry, metal and steel industry, power and energy, mining, plant construction, water and wastewater industry and many more.

Custom-tailored manufacturing of large motors

MENZEL's manufacturing emphasis is on the production of individual, custom-tailored units, regardless of whether for special applications or as a back-up or replacement. At our modern and extensively equipped motor factory in Berlin, Germany we are able to directly, quickly, and flexibly produce all kinds of special models. 

Custom-configurations such as an extended motor shaft, foot adapter plates, special motor housing, changing the cooling system, manufacturing of special flanges, rotational direction changes and others make MENZEL the motor manufacturer that other drives specialists trust. State-of-the-art technological equipment make it possible for us to provide you with all individual drive solutions for all individual cases. Furthermore, several production halls are available for individual manufacture and modification of our electric motors. 

Drop-in Replacement Motors 

Another major focal point is the fast delivery of large drop-in replacement motors. Menzel Elektromotoren specializes in building replicas of old motors ranging from electrically and mechanically suitable replacements to exact copies.

A majority of the motors leaving our motor factory are custom-made or adapted to produce identical replicas of obsolete motors that are no longer produced by major manufacturers such as Siemens, WEG or ABB. We have constructed 100% compatible replacement AC and DC motors for industrial plants all over the world. Thanks to our unique, extensive motor inventory, we can also react very quickly in an emergency.

Large stock of AC and DC motors for urgent replacements 

One of our focal points is the fast delivery of large electrical machines - including special designs. We have unparalleled stock of brand-new, larger AC and DC motors with nominal power up to 15 MW available for you. Not many manufacturers are able to claim that they can supply primarily brand-new electric motors from their own ranges but also those of other brands within just a few days.

Our extensive warehousing concept with over 430.000 ft² of production and storage space in Germany as well as flexible machining allow us to achieve exceptional response times. Modifications and adjustments to suit your existing individual industrial requirements can be implemented quickly and flexibly in our plant.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified

Menzel has been manufacturing and distributing LV, MV and HV motorsfor more than 90 years. Our promise to our business partners is the continued development of our motor manufacturing skills and services. Our entrepreneurial independence gives us the necessary flexibility. Our products correspond to international standards and the requirements of state-of-the-art technologies. This is how we can ensure worldwide use and the durability of our electric motors.

High-quality technical production and processing plants, as well as handling by qualified, experienced engineers and specialists ensure that the highest standards are fulfilled. we installed a quality management system for the planning, production, assembly, delivery and service of electric motors. This is regularly audited by TÜV Süd. Menzel is TÜV certified pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

In-house load test field for motor examination

All AC motors or DC motors leave our German plant with final testing. For this purpose, we operate a state-of-the-art load test field at our Berlin headquarters with an output of 2300 kVA. The testing equipment includes a 6 kV converter, rotating converter for all common voltages from 3 kV to 13.8 kV and load resistors for testing generators.

If you wish, you can even be present during the check of your motors. For this purpose, an appropriately sound-protected and heated visitor cabin has been integrated into the test facility. From here, you can witness all of the details of the test process.

Why MENZEL Motors? 

MENZEL has manufactured electric motors since 1927 and has its headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Many industrial plant operators worldwide from the cement, paper, steel, or other industries trust the proven quality of MENZEL electric motors.

The decision regarding an electric motor manufacturer should not solely be based on cost. When making investment decisions, also consider the durability of the motor as well as the quick, direct, and comprehensive service offered by your partner. MENZEL can offer all this.

True to the motto of our company, we see ourselves as a long-term partner and consultant to the power, cement, mining, and steel industry. Over our long company history, we have already realized countless custom constructions for industrial plants all over the world. This means that we have a special wealth of experience.

See some example projects we have completed in the USA!

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