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1800 kg courier delivery of a squirrel cage motor from Berlin to Scotland

Menzel Elektromotoren recently took on a particularly urgent order for the delivery of a customized, 100% electrically and mechanically compatible squirrel cage motor. Within just a week, the special motor manufacturer supplied a replacement motor that had been specially adapted to the mounting dimensions at the pharmaceutical plant in Scotland. Despite a weight of nearly two tons, the urgently needed squirrel cage motor traveled to its destination by courier.

For this order, Menzel chose a four-pole motor with a speed of 1481 min-¹, 200 kW rated power and 3300 V rated voltage from their extensive stock and modified it to match the necessary flange dimensions. This necessitated not only changes to the bearings. It also meant that the engineers had to convert the horizontal B3 motor into a vertical V1 motor with special flange to ensure a precise mounting fit at the customer's plant. Unlike major motor manufacturers with a fixed product range, the medium-sized drive expert specializes in handling such projects with extremely short response times to help customers minimize downtime due to machine failures. With more than 20,000 motors of various types in stock (low-voltage, high-voltage and DC) and the in-house shop readily available to implement custom requirements, Menzel drive technology expert is quick to supply special solutions for a broad range of applications.