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6000 VSquirrel Cage (IC 411 + IC 416)Pump drives

6000 V motors for irrigation water pumps

Menzel delivered a bundle of six 6000 V motors for an irrigation plant in Romania. The medium-voltage motors will drive some Mecanex high capacity water pumps for irrigation.

The water source for this pumping station and irrigation plant is the Bereşti lake located in the Western part of Romania.

The six squirrel cage motors for SPA Sascut have been yet another motor delivery to Romania. MENZEL motors and Mecanex pumps have long enjoyed a close partnership. For the past ten years, MENZEL have been manufacturing and delivering more than 1000 pump motors to Romania.

Mecanex is a well known company in the Romanian machine building industry. They mainly manufacture and deliver industrial pumps and pumping equipment across all industries.

Electric motors for high-quality pump applications

Electric motors for high-quality industrial pumps in the higher performance range are only one part of our extensive product portfolio. Since 1927, we have been producing and supplying larger electric motors with squirrel-cage or slip ring rotors as well as DC motors for industrial plants all over the world.

The performance spectrum for our pump motors starts at approx. 300 or 400 kW.

MENZEL squirrel cage motors are available in all standard motor cooling and protection types for low-voltage as well as medium and high voltage up to 25000 kW (25 MW). We specialize in the production of individual industrial motors in smaller runs according to customer requirements and specifications. Please send us your request!

MENZEL Branch office Romania

If your company is based in Romania, please feel free to directly contact our Romanian branch office:

MENZEL Elektromotoren - Distribuitorul dumneavoastră în Romania

Bogdan Pastae
Asistenta Clienti in Romania
Centrul de Excelenta, Etaj 1, Birou E06
Craiova, Str. Targului 26
Tel: +40 753065445

Performance data of the six motors for irrigations water pumps

  • Motor type: MEBKGR355-04 Squirrel cage Motors
  • Standard: IEC / EN60034-1
  • Rated Power: 450 kW
  • Voltage: 6000 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Poles: 4
  • Rated Speed: 1488 min-1
  • Mounting: IM B3
  • Protection: IP 55
  • Cooling: IC 411
  • Weight: 3280 kg
  • Pieces: 6 motors

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6000 V motors for irrigation water pumps
Motor for irrigation water pumps
Irrigation water pumps with Menzel IC411 motors
6000V IC411 motor for waterpump