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Menzel SC at the B2SOCCER event in Berlin

Menzel SC - this is what our sport-loving colleagues at Menzel Elektromotoren call themselves. They want to face various sporting challenges this year too. At the beginning of the new season 2020, a specially founded soccer team started at the B2SOCCER event.

After diligent training in the past winter months, the soccer players of our motor factory were able to achieve a remarkable fourth place in their first B2SOCCER tournament in Berlin.

Congratulations Menzel SC! We are all looking forward to further sporting highlights this year.

B2SOCCER - amateur soccer with top performances

Since its premiere in Southern Germany in 2009, the "B2SOCCER" series of events has continued to develop. In a very short time, a single event became a nationwide series. With 16 tournaments at 11 locations, B2SOCCER is now the most traditional amateur soccer series in Germany.

The annual highlight of the B2SOCCER season is the grand finale at the Oberhaching Sports School, Europe's most modern sports school. In addition to the preliminary round winners, companies from all over Germany will compete and play for the corporate soccer crown. One day, we will be there, too!

Menzel SC wins fourth place at the B2SOCCER Berlin event
Menzel SC soccer team in action
Menzel SC soccer team at semi finals