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Motor generator set for transformer tests

In cooperation with another German drive technology manufacturer we have custom-tailored the synchronous generator for a motor generator set for testing large-scale transformers in the Middle East.

The entire drive system was put through a 24-hour test run under load in Menzel's Berlin load test field. Menzel provided the documentation, electric connection, and commissioning on site according to customer's specifications.

Motor-generator set for frequency range 50 Hz to 100 Hz

Our customized motor-generator set was for the largest transformer manufacturer in the Middle East. It now enables them to take up the production of larger-sized, extra-high voltage power transformers.

This special drive solution was designed for a wide frequency range 50 Hz to 100 Hz. For this purpose, we built a synchronous generator in a special design for 100 Hz operation. The synchronous generator achieved an extremely low THD value – while the specification calls for ≤ 3 %, the test run verified an even lower factor of < 0.5 %, confirming a near-ideal voltage amplitude.

Synchronous generator with 8 MVA and 6000 V

The entire drive system is mounted on a swing base. It comprises a synchronous generator with a rated power of 8 MVA and a rated voltage of 6000 V, a 2500-kW squirrel-cage induction motor, a frequency converter, and accessories, which Menzel configured for the application: coupling, oil supply, voltage and current transformers, and excitation control unit. The speed range is 750 to 1500 rpm. Both machines are robust and feature cooling type IC26 and IP23 ingress protection.

MENZEL offers you three-phase generators in asynchronous and synchronous designs up to 10 MVA for a wide variety of industrial applications. We realize all special designs, whether they are horizontal or vertical. With our three-phase asynchronous and synchronous generators, we guarantee the highest efficiency. 

Performance data of the synchronous generator

  • Synchronous generator
  • Type: MEBQQD1000-08
  • Power: 8000 kVA
  • Voltage: 6000 V
  • Frequency: 50 – 100 Hz
  • Rated Speed: 750 – 1500 min-1
  • Mounting: IM7211
  • Type of Protection: IP54
  • Type of Cooling: IC23
  • Weight: 32500 kg

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Motor generator set with synchronous generator
Motor generator set tested under load
Delivery of motor generator set to the Middle East