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380 V electric motors for industrial applications

380 V 3 phase asynchronous motors from German manufacturer and supplier MENZEL are used in industrial plants all over the world. Whether the cement plant in South America, the water industry in North Africa or the steelworks in Europe - MENZEL 380V motors are manufactured for particularly tough and extreme industrial requirements and applications.

Are you looking for a 380 V electric motor? We manufacture squirrel-cage motors up to 25000 kW (25 MW) as well as slip-ring motors up to 15000 kW (15 MW). Various designs as well as all types of protection and cooling are possible. The motors are designed for grid or inverter operation.

380 volt 3 phase asynchronous motor product range

  • Asynchronous three-phase motors with squirrel cage rotor up to 2000 kW
  • Asynchronous three-phase motors with slip ring rotor up to 2000 kW
  • Different mounting types
  • All types of protection and cooling classes
  • For grid and inverter operation
  • Custom design

Our 380 volt 3 phase asynchronous motors are manufactured according to the international IEC standards. Like all our motors, they comply with the current standards EN60034 and IEC60034, VDE, DIN and ISO.  Special adaptions according to your requirements are always available upon request.

Custom-made 380 V motors

We are experts for custom-made motors, special solutions, refurbishment or 100% replaceable replicas in the industrial performance range of up to 25000 W (25 MW). The German brand MENZEL Elektromotoren has been on the market since 1927. Over our long company history, we have already realized countless custom-made ac motors for industrial plants all over the world. That makes us particularly rich in experience. We are proud to say that we have a suitable drive solution for even complicated and challenging scenarios.

If you are looking for no more available three-phase asynchronous motors from manufacturers such as Siemens or ABB, we can replicate them at our modern and extensively equipped Berlin location. Our engineers will advise you personally about the possibilities and always assist you - from project planning to worldwide logistics to the point of commissioning and after sales services. Direct, fast and flexible.

380 V motors directly from stock

In case of emergency, MENZEL is able to deliver 380 V motors directly from stock. Not many electric motors suppliers are can claim that they can provide especially large brand-new electric motors of their own series, but also of other brands off the shelf within just a few days.

MENZEL has one of the largest stocks of electric motors in Europe. If necessary, our ex-stock motors are modified in accordance with the customer's requirements, tested at our own load test facility, and delivered really quickly to any place in the world.

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