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Three-phase squirrel cage motor as a ventilator power for a power station in Malaysia

Customer: Man Jung Powerstation Malaysia (Malaysia)

The breakdown of an induced draft-blower-motor in Malaysia, caused that an 800 MW power station block failed. Menzel shipped a squirrel cage motor from stock via air-freight, assembled it, installed it and bought into service on site. Mounting dimensions and cooling method were rebuilt upon customer's request within 96 hours.

Technical characteristics:

  • Type: MEBKSW630-04
  • Rated Power: 4500 kW
  • Voltage: 11000 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Poles: 4
  • Rated Speed: 1,493 min-1
  • Mounting: IM B3
  • Protection: IP 55
  • Cooling: IC 616
  • Weight: 14,020 kg
  • Pieces: 1